Friday Night Results - Arreola cruises, Pabon and Perez win

Cris Arreola would be less angry with you if you were a donut. via

Ontario, California

Cristobal Arreola UD12 Manuel Quezada, Josesito Lopez UD8 Martin Cordova Jr. - Our full write-up of this card is here.

Shawn Estrada KO1 Alex Armenta - 2008 middleweight U.S. Olympian Estrada needed only 57 seconds to finish off his opponent, which was really just a show-me fight.  Armenta was 7-1 coming into the bout, but hadn't fought since a loss to Jerson Ravelo in 2001.  Estrada doesn't look spectacular at first glance, but remember that he made the Olympic squad over Danny Jacobs, Shawn Porter, and Fernando Guerrero.  Unlike the others, Estrada hasn't gotten past the point where he's beating up tomato cans, in part because he missed nearly a full year with an injury.  At 8-0 with 8 easy knockouts, it would be nice to see Goosen-Tutor step his competition up a notch or three.

Pico Rivera, California

Eloy Perez KO5 Derrick Campos - Perez, one of Golden Boy's prospects at junior featherweight, had struggled in his last fight against journeyman Gilberto Sanchez Leon.  He had no such issues this time, dominating Campos before stopping him in the fifth.  This is somewhat impressive, as Campos had never been stopped before, including in fights against fringe contenders Dmitry Salita and Archie Ray Marquez.

Tampa, Florida

Jesus Pabon TKO7 Ernesto Zepeda - Pabon was able to get back to his career in the winning column after beating hardy journeyman Zepeda, although it wasn't always easy.  Zepeda fought a very dirty fight, getting docked for low blows, and landing several more without a further deduction.  Still, Pabon, who had been out of action for 17 months was able to come back strong after the layoff and moves to 15-1.

Brunswick, Australia

Joel Casey SD12 Tim Bell - Bell had been climbing the light heavyweight rankings with a couple of sanctioning bodies (and was actually ranked #3 by the WBA), but that's surely ended after a loss to 10-8-3 Casey.  The fight was reportedly a seesaw battle, and while Bell managed to drop Casey in the 11th, it wasn't enough to pull out the win.

Ban Pathum, Thailand

Paipharob Kokietgym RTD4 Eric Diaz Siregar - Paipharob may only be 7-0, but it seems like he may be someone to keep an eye on at light flyweight, and he's already ranked by a couple sanctioning bodies.  Only one of his fights has been scheduled for less than 11 rounds, and the former Muay Thai contender has been jumping up in competition very quickly.  I realize this would run contrary to everything that any Thai boxing promoter has ever done, but he may do well to try facing someone who's NOT from southeast Asia, that way when he gets a title shot, maybe he's a bit more prepared for someone who doesn't fight like a converted kickboxer.

Duangpetch Kokietgym KO2 Rian - Normally I just wouldn't care about a fight like this, but this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder what the heck the commission actually does in Thailand.  Duangpetch moved to 51-1 after this fight, yet he was fighting someone making his pro debut.  Normally, I wouldn't care as much in Thailand, since most of the guys making their debuts are seasoned Muay Thai fighters who are just looking to make an extra buck or two.  That may be the case with Duangpetch's opponent, but I doubt he was any good - the media there didn't even bother to get a last (or is it first?) name.  I suppose that if Faruq Saleem can get up to 38 wins without a loss, then this guy can get to 51 wins without facing anyone better than Eric Barcelona (Vic Darchinyan's last opponent, who has 17 losses).

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