Interviews with Monty Meza Clay and Allen Litzau with article.

I got the chance to interview Meza Clay and Litzau on their fight tomorrow night.

Monty Meza Clay and Allen Litzau are primed and ready to set off some fireworks tomorrow night at The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This will be the first ever card at the casino and both fighters are extremely honored. Meza Clay, “I am honored to be the first main event, I didn’t realize it until the other day when someone told me I was making history.”

Meza Clay said he is more nervous then anything and was honored that they offered him the fight as opposed to him asking for the fight.

Litzau although not a Pittsburgh native is excited “It is cool to be the first fight here, I am just grateful for everything.” He also added that it is cool to just be in Pittsburgh.

Although he is excited to be in Pittsburgh Litzau knows that the judges wont be doing him any favors. “You know desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Both men are coming off two straight losses but neither man has prepared any differently. Meza Clay said he just worked on his boxing and adding new wrinkles to his game plan.

“I am going to jab more, you think a little man can’t jab but I am going to use it like I am 6’0” tall.” Litzau said he was just going to fight hard and do what he has been doing for 17 years.

Meza Clay will be moving back up to the 130 pound limit and says the move up should do him good. “The monster feeling will be back now that I am at 130, I couldn’t get that at 126 because I was to dehydrated and lacking nutrition.”

He also said that being at 130 let him train more and not worry about sucking down the extra four pounds. If he ever made a move it would be up in weight and not down in weight.

Litzau is just trying to keep the dream alive and fight as long as he can. He may be limited as a pro but he has great amateur experience.

“The funny thing is I had over 200 amateur fights against big names, and with a couple of wins in the pros I can be in the mix for a title.”

Meza Clay feels the same way, “I am always on the cusp of a title. After I get this win tomorrow night I will be waiting for my next call at a big shot.”

He says the missteps in his career can be attributed to getting the big chance and then having to leave the country, and his inner circle falling apart. On one instance he had money stolen from him and it crumbled his inner circle.

Meza Clay will be coming off a year layoff where he endured many injuries including two surgeries on his right elbow, one surgery on his left elbow, a torn rotator cuff, and a broken right hand.

He said he was healing and dealing with everyday problems like paying the bills. If Meza Clay can win a title someday he feels that Pittsburgh can become a safe haven and somewhere that he can defend his title.

“The fan base is great and I have been called the fourth franchise before and you feel that on fight night but then everyone forgets and you have to fight again, you know you got the Steeler logo, the Penguins logo, and the Pirates logo. I want to add that MMC logo to them.”

Both fighters looked fit and ready to go and both have fan friendly styles that should bring fireworks to the ring. Litzau then wanted UFC fighters to know that you cant come over and box. “That is just a fact.”

God bless Allen Litzau and America. The fights kickoff tomorrow night at The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh at 7 p.m.

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