Mandatory Eight Count: Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams Haven't Signed

Sergio Martinez-Paul Williams II: No Contracts Exchanged (
Rick Reeno has a lot from the DiBella camp right now. He reported that Peter Manfredo wants Kelly Pavlik, that Andre Berto-Selcuk Aydin discussions have happened ( and that, distressingly, talk of a Sergio Martinez-Paul Williams rematch on November 20 may not be as concrete as had been reported before. A source close to Martinez says that the Williams side is "dragging their feet." There's no better fight for either of them right now, and I can only hope both sides realize that.

Maidana, Corley make weight (
Marcos Maidana and DeMarcus "Chop-Chop" Corley made weight for their 140-pound fight on Saturday in Buenos Aires.

Keeping Pace: A Look at James Toney vs Randy Couture (The Boxing Bulletin)
Lee Payton examines the Toney-Couture rumble at UFC 118.

Nigerian Nightmare promises sweet dreams for Klitschko (Yahoo! Eurosport)
Samuel Peter has gotten back in shape, had Top Rank rally around a rebuilding of his career, and is very confident going into his September 11 rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. He's calling for an end within four rounds. Last time they met, Klitschko won despite going down three times.

Haye must put up or shut up (The Sun)
Derek Chisora is never one to stay quiet, and he's got thoughts on the ongoing David Haye-Audley Harrison saga. Haye is now being accused of reluctance to sign a finished contract to face Harrison. Says Chisora of Haye: "You are running away from the Klitschko brothers like a thief in the night, and if you can't beat a powder-puff like Harrison, you should pack up."

Luevano Calls it a Day (MaxBoxing)
Steven Luevano quietly retired last week. We talked about it here, and nobody was interested. Steve Kim got in touch with Luevano and got the full story of why he chose to leave boxing at 29. In short, Luevano was released by Top Rank after he'd returned to the gym following a January loss to Juan Manuel Lopez, and it pretty much killed his drive to keep working hard, so he chose to get out instead of fighting on.

Dana White On James Toney: "He Has Fast Hands For A Fat Dude"
Better quote: "If you're a boxing fan, and you've never given us a shot, I think Saturday night's the night." That's from the big boss man himself. He's confident in this card.

"What a nice guy Vitor Belfort is." (Wayne McCullough's Twitter)
In light of all the mouth-breathing sniping about the two sports from its most obnoxious "fans" this week, I was struck by this simple statement. It includes a :) and everything. Why can't we all just...get along?

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