Your Scandal Update: Ricky Hatton checks into rehab, NBA player involved in Mayweather fiasco

Since I figured we could kill two birds with one stone by combining these things into a single post and then hopefully go back to talking about actual boxing, let's give it a whirl.

Ricky Hatton has checked into rehab according to several reports out of the UK. Here's what the Daily Mail has:

Yesterday Hatton issued a statement through publicist Max Clifford saying he felt he had let himself, his fans and his family down.

Mr Clifford said: ‘In his own words, he’s been in a bad place for some time, probably before even his last fight.

‘He feels devastated and we all hope this will be the wake-up call.’

The video of Hatton using cocaine during what is described as a "ten-hour bender" came from Emma Bowe, an Irish amateur boxer and friend of Hatton's. She says she's deeply worried about Hatton, fearing he could have a heart attack if he tried to fight again, as he keeps saying he might.

ESPN UK reports that Hatton will go before the British Boxing Board of Control soon, and there is some worry that his promoter's license could be in trouble. A BBBofC statement said the following:

"The Board enforces the strictest standards with regard to the use of both recreational and performance-enhancing drugs by participants in any capacity in professional boxing: it is concerned at all times to ensure that the sport is run in the best interests both of those who take part in boxing, and the public interest, and that those involved in professional boxing, do nothing to damage the reputation of the sport."

Hatton is reported to be battling severe depression, which I'm sure doesn't sound too out there to many. We can all say, "Well, Hatton only lost to the two best of an era," but those losses might well have really stuck to Hatton, and the fact that most feel he's finished as a top-line professional fighter probably didn't do much to improve his feeling if he was having trouble dealing with the professional setbacks. Hopefully, Hatton will get the help he needs and will live a long and healthy life, in, out of, or just around the ring.

* * * * *

And then there's Floyd Mayweather Jr.

TMZ is reporting that NBA player C.J. Watson of the Chicago Bulls is involved in the domestic violence case against Mayweather, as Watson is Josie Harris' current boyfriend.

According to the report, Mayweather read text messages on Josie's phone ... which included messages from C.J. Watson, who plays for the Chicago Bulls.  According to the report, Mayweather screamed, "'Are you having sex with C.J.?' Harris replied, 'Yes, that is who I'm seeing now.'"

According to the report, the 10-year-old son of Mayweather and Harris told cops he "saw his dad was on his mother and was hitting and kicking her."

According to the report, "Harris stated that Mayweather began yelling at Harris, 'I'm going to kill you and the man your (sic) are messing around with.'  He also stated, 'I'm going to have you both disappear.'"

According to the report...

Those reports are available at the TMZ link if you're interested.

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