Press Release: Ryan Barrett, Mark Alexander talk before clash

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Barrett Wins War Of Words - Alexander Vows His Fists Will Do The Talking On 11th Sept.

The heated war of words, between former English Super Bantamweight Champion Ryan Barrett and Mark ‘The Flash’ Alexander, ahead of their eagerly awaited International Masters title clash on the Steve Goodwin ‘It’s Personal’ double title show at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, on Saturday the 11th September, finally boiled over last night, during their appearance on Steve Bunce’s BBC Radio London Boxing Hour Show.

Ironically the opening salvo of the hostilities was fired by Alexander with his publicly calling out Barrett on Bunce’s show back in May.  

Barrett retaliated with a bombardment of vitriolic comments in the press, such as, “He is scared of me and will try to run away all night but I will track him down and knock him out”

“He doesn’t exist in my World. I have no respect for the man. He’s upset the wrong person. All I’ll say to him is just run and hide.”

“I don’t think his old legs will carry him the full ten rounds”

“Alexander is coming to get destroyed. I have been in with the likes of Amir Khan, Alexander is a nobody and will leave the arena a nobody.”

The Flash responded with some equally cutting comments of his own, his best shot came early in August when he stated, “Everyone saw what I did to Michael Devine back in April, expect more of the same. This time though I think I’ll just plain knock Barrett out, not down four times like Devine. He should bring a pillow, I’m gonna put him to sleep.”

Whilst Barrett was ahead, there was no clear winner, that is until last night, when a mischievous Steve Bunce provided the perfect platform - a four round verbal boxing contest.

Round 1 - Barrett, fighting out of the red corner, let rip with a massive left to the chin of Alexander - it landed, but not before glancing off referee Steve Bunce, who had asked where the intense dislike between the two started, Barrett's retort,”When he opened his big mouth right here on your show”

Alexander responded with a rather week jab “It’s the normal thing that boxers do, he took it personal, he shouldn’t have taken it personal.” Round 1 to Barrett.

Round 2 - Starts with Barrett throwing a beautiful combination, “It was him that said I was offered the fight and refused it, I didn’t know until about a week before Steve Goodwin's June show when I was offered it for silly money.  I said to him I didn’t want to go backwards in my career and fight clowns like Mark Alexander”.

Reeling from Barrett's cracking shots Alexander countered with “I have a special seat for you Steve, and on that seat will be a pillow. What happens when I hit Ryan Barrett, you throw the pillow in and he’ll bounce off it.” Round 2 to Barrett, possibly even a 10-8 round that one!

Round 3 - Alexander starts the round with “In boxing I haven’t had my chance, Ryan’s had his chance. I’m getting my chance now and I’m gonna take it.”

Barrett backs Alexander onto the ropes with a scintillating flurry, “I’ve been scheduled for eight,ten, twelve rounds. Mark’s barely got himself out of first gear and got himself out of a four and six rounder. His best win is against a raw novice two bouter and my best wins are against English Champions and seasoned pros. You know, a good standard.” Round 3 to Barrett.

Round 4 - Barrett’s three rounds up and Alexander needs a knockout to get the win, can he do it?

Barrett started fast with a cracking body shot, followed by a hook “Mark will come out like he did against Michael Brodie, putting all his eggs in one basket for two or three rounds, realise he’s run out of ideas and then he’ll run like a little girl”

Alexander solidly countered with a massive uppercut that looked bang on target, by firmly stating “Straight Knockout” before adding “the longer it goes, the worse for him. I’m gonna be ready for twelve rounds, ten rounds whatever it takes. It’s gonna be a straight knockout.” which took the power right out of the shot.

There was no need to wait for the judges verdict,  it was clear, Barrett wins the “War of Words” contest by unanimous decision.

These two clearly do not like each other. That leads to the conclusion that this fight will be brutal. It will be bloody and It will be one hell of a fight. Can’t wait.

Ryan Barrett versus Mark ‘The Flash’ Alexander, for the vacant International Masters Lightweight title, will headline the Goodwin Promotions ‘It’s Personal’ event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday the 11th September 2010.

Co-headline sees Ultrachem TKO Boxing Gym’s unbeaten Light Middleweight prospect Pat McAleese against the ultra tough Lee Noble. This fight also suits the event’s ‘It’s Personal’ billing as there’s no love lost between McAleese and Noble either.

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