Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander (Well, Their Trainers) Talk About a Potential Fight

Victor Ortiz will need an opponent at some point, and trainer Danny Garcia would like to see him face Devon Alexander. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Studio 54)

Trainers for Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander, a pair of Golden Boy welterweights who are not exactly at peak value right now, have talked about a potential fight in 2012.

Here's what Ortiz's trainer, Danny Garcia, told Chris Robinson:

"That would be a good fight, because he only has one loss and he’s a former champion. I think that the people would like to see that fight. That way we can show the people that we’re not here to fight guys with four, five losses. We’re fighting guys near the top of the division or guys who are undefeated. Berto, Mayweather, and now Devon Alexander. We’ll show the people that we’re fighting the best and I think we can beat Devon Alexander."

In response, Alexander's trainer-manager Kevin Cunningham was mildly unreasonable, as he usually is:

"You can tell Danny Garcia that if he wants to get his fighter beat again then he's barking up the right fucking tree. ... They can start some shit with Devon if they want to and we are gonna finish it just like Floyd did."

So to recap: Garcia, on behalf of Ortiz, compliments Devon Alexander as a top fighter, an interesting opponent, and someone he thinks Victor should fight, because it would be a good fight. Cunningham, on behalf of Alexander, gets all rowdy and takes it as some insult that anyone would dare wish to face the Devon Alexander.

I'm starting to believe Kevin Cunningham has some hilarious inability to express himself to the media without pretending he's angry. There's almost no way he could have possibly taken what Garcia in a way that would cause the response he went with. What "shit" was being started?

Basically, Danny Garcia said, "Victor Ortiz is a professional boxer in the welterweight division and a good one, so we would like to compete against Devon Alexander, another fine professional boxer in the welterweight division," and Kevin Cunningham said, "YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT MY MAMA!"

Cunningham's weird tough guy mouthpiece act has gotten kind of stale, I think. Alexander isn't a big talker and I realize someone has to keep his name out there, but I just don't see the value in Kevin Cunningham constantly coming off like he's DMX or something. Well, I see the comedic value, but I don't think it does Devon any huge favors. I could be wrong.

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