Pacquiao, Marquez and Chump-U-Box

So a great night of boxing has passed, and I felt in my opinion Marquez decisively beat Pacquiao.  I felt the HBO crew (it was loud in the bar, so what I heard of the crew) were really going Pac-crazy, and Harold Lederman sounded senile.  There were some clear rounds in which Marquez out-punched and out-countered Pacquiao, and Chump-U-Box numbers had Pacquiao OUTLANDING Marquez because he threw a few sloppy flurries and all of them were counted (or maybe he sneezed and Chump-U gave him two power punches landed). 


So here it goes:  I felt Marquez stunned Pacquiao early with his movement and his counter punching.  The looping right found it's home, the dodging and slipping of the left hands, and Marquez took the few left hands that landed very well.  After about 3 rounds I saw the look in Pacquiao's eyes that "this is going to be a looong night!  I shouldn't have signed up to be a Senator!"  I also thoroughly enjoyed JMM's left hooks to the body, and the counter left uppercut -right cross combination.  Marquez neutralized Pacquiao's offense earlier on, and simply had Pacquiao and his corner at a loss for solutions.  

Also, I felt Pacquiao's legs looked to be slowing down.  Gone are the days like the fights against De La Hoya, Clottey, and Cotto when he was light on his toes, moving to the right while throwing 5-8 punch combinations in succession, and then slipping and pivoting off the line.  Gone are the days when he could face a larger, and slower foe with limited defense and boxing skills.  Gone are the days when he could really tough a fight out with pure volume, speed, offense, and beastly fighting spirit (again, I don't know if it's his part time schedule, his age, ring wear-and-tear). 

Going back to Chump-U-Box and the HBO crew: they were certainly fellating Pacquiao hard throughout the fight.  All Pacquiao had was his jab cross, or his jab-jab-cross, and when they failed, he would reload, and continue attacking in a straight line.  Pacquiao has shown against Mosley and Marquez that he can't handle a fighter that circles away from his left hand, and that he doesn't know how to step over to the right and cut off the ring. 

Styles make fights:  So in my opinion Pacquiao still has or had a good chance of beating Floyd, then Floyd can beat Marquez easily, and Marquez beats Pacquiao.  What figures?  How does that make sense.  I feel Marquez has the best style match up out of all the fighters that can, will, or have faced Pacquiao.  He knows when to duck, when to slip, how to frustrate Pacquiao, when to fight and trade, and when to side step and counter.  People thought the weight and speed would affect the fight, but again, in my opinion the only reason why Pacquiao was so effective in the higher weight classes besides that his power came up well was that he fought good and larger opponents, but also opponents that were tailor made for his style:  limited defense, endurance problems, not a pure boxer and/or lacking of boxing ability (Hatton, Cotto, Margarito), come forward and aggressive fighters, and older fighters (De La Hoya, Mosley).  Even if Sergio Martinez was  147 fighter the Pacquiao team would definitely avoid him, and this is exactly the reason I feel Bradley COULD and might outbox Pacquiao: he can box, he's durable, he doesn't have endurance problems, he's in his prime, he is slick and has good defense, he has a good jab, good speed, he has enough power to keep anyone honest, and he has great foot speed to name a few things. 

Too add on this whole style match up:  I honestly feel ANY good welterweight could walk through and beat up Marquez (besides Floyd).  I feel Cotto and Margarito would walk through him and knock his block off.  It just so happens that Marquez has the perfect style and formula at any weight to neutralize Pacquiao's offense and the tenacity to take Pacquiao's punches at ANY weight division and still prevail.  However, it must be said that the likes of Hatton, Cotto, Mosley, and De La Hoya were hit with dozens of clean power punches from Pacquiao every round or few rounds whereas Marquez IMO was only hit by about 3-5 clean punches that whole night.

Post-fight:  Pacquiao didn't raise his hand after the fight.  All he did was pray for the victory!  He had fear and shame in his eyes.  I was fully expecting "and the NEW WBO WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION...", but you know how boxing is.  Pacquiao knows deep down that he got beat up, and he took his position for granted and has been spoon fed for the last 3-4 years.  If we go back to Max Kellerman's and Manny Stewards' methods of assessing the fight: "who would you rather be at the end of the round?" and "judging by the body language of each fighter at the end of the round"... we could assess who was winning or got the better of their opponent after each round or at the end of the early, middle and championship rounds. 

If I have time I'll rewatch the fight to double check the scoring of the fight.  I remember earlier on giving Pacquiao rounds 1 & 3 and Marquez 2 & 4, while Lederman gave Pacquiao 3 rounds to 1 (how terrible!).  Okay, that's it.  This started out as a coherent rant, but got my thoughts and emotions a little jumbled when reading you guys comments and having time to be thoroughly upset about the decision once again.  Good to know others are mad and think Marquez won too.  This time, I won't feel the way I did when I thought Clottey beat Cotto (and Pakinpower, he did!  and that WAS a body slam!  haha...)  Unfortunately, I will be unable to grill and serve crow from last night's fight, but I will eat mine begrudgingly.  Holler!

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