Frankie Gavin Offers Explanation for Pulling Out of Last Weeks Fight

Most of us who follow the British scene or boxing prospects in general have been interested in watching the development of England's 2007 lightweight World Amateur champion Frankie Gavin.

Over his last few fights he has been somewhat disappointing and seems to be fighting at a weight not suited to his frame. He pulled out of his proposed fight with Franck Haroche Horta last Saturday only days before it was due to take place. 

In talking to Boxing News Editor Tris Dixon this week Gavin went some way to explaining why he did what he did.

Apparently his "private life has lurched from one sad drama to another". 
His mother was diagnosed with cancer and then he found out the boy he was raising as his own was not even his.
He has the childs name tattoed across his back.
Last week there was reportedly more bad news, though Dixon does not give details.

Living alone in a big city while training with Jimmy Tibbs didn't help either. I myself can speak from experience of this that it is not easy.
Darren Sutherland was another former amateur star who moved to London from Ireland and lived on his own. With nothing but his own thoughts and company on a night and boxing through the day, he couldn't handle it.

Tragically he committed siucide.

I don't want to sound overly dramatic but these things do happen and often it's not the type of person that you would expect it to happen to.

As far as i'm concerned this news from Gavin does go a long way towards explaining his actions but what is a bit hard to understand is that he didn't tell Frank Warren or Jimmy Tibbs about his problems and even did a positive interview promoting the fight the night before the pullout.

After Horta had beat late substitute, Dean Byrne, Gavin let Warren know that he would be ready to fight him in December, but Warren has said he is not going to let him fight again until he is "100% ready".

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