Khan vs Peterson Rematch: Barry Hunter Makes Clear That Peterson Won't Be Bullied Into Fight

Lamont Peterson will weigh his options before committing to his next fight. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Manager/trainer Barry Hunter told The Daily Star that he won't let himself or his fighter, newly crowned WBA/IBF junior welterweight titlist Lamont Peterson, be bullied into a rematch with Amir Khan:

"If it doesn’t make sense to me or Lamont, I don’t care what happens. I’m not going to let nobody bully us. I have got to do what is best and right for Lamont. Lamont said it best. A rematch has to make business sense."

This is a fine statement. Chances are good that the Khan rematch will make business sense, and those hoping to cheer the underdog for not being pushed around, keep in mind that there are probably just a few fights out there that could hope to give Peterson the same "good business": A rematch with Timothy Bradley, which is apparently being strongly considered, or fights at 147 with Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

And the wild card may be Brandon Rios, who recently gave up the WBA lightweight title and is likely headed to 140 pounds.

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Also keep in mind that we have no idea if Golden Boy are offering totally fair conditions for a rematch or what the deal is there. They say they've made an offer for May 19 at the Staples Center. It could be a very good offer in terms of money, but Peterson and Hunter are going to explore their options and not rush right into this thing without seeing what Top Rank might offer for Bradley (or Manny, who the hell knows) or what the Mayweather camp may or may not be interested in, or Rios, or if someone else has some out-of-left-field idea that pays well.

It would be wise to assume that the Khan fight is the front-runner for Peterson's next outing, or at the very least is on the shortlist and will happen if that's the best offer. I think Khan and Golden Boy will make a good offer; they kind of have to. But it's not certain, and someone else can come in and go better.

Not bad to be Lamont Peterson right now, huh? From $10,000 in July to face Victor Cayo to selling himself to the highest bidder with some money leverage thanks to two title belts.

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