My Vouch for Timothy Bradley and his future in the P4P rankings...

Hello everyone. Here's my vouch for Timothy Bradley. Overall, my assessment is that he has all the skills needed to be a reigning champion and has the complete package. Many will disagree or will say negative things about him. This is how I feel and here's why:

Bradley has great speed. His handspeed is above average, and though he's no Khan, he's definitely above average and probably in between above average and top of the elite as far as speed/explosivenes. Next, his footwork and footspeed are quite good, and are comparable to Khan's in my opinion. On top of that he uses his feet effectively which means he uses it to evade attacks and counter/box, and he uses it to get in or out of battle/exchanges effectively.

Bradley has decent power. Does he have KO power? Nope, but he's hurt most of the good opponents that he's been against and has knocked down Junior Witter and Lamont Peterson. He had also made Kendall Holt look like he did not want to fight, and Holt has never been the same afterward. If you want to talk about power at 140 then Randall Bailey and Kendall Holt and Ricardo Torres come into the conversation. Even though Bradley doesn't have their "pop" he is still a better fighter than all three of them, and was relentless and aggressive enough to outwork Holt, Alexander, Witter, and Peterson.

Bradley is slick. What? You mean with his headbutts? No. He has great head movement and blocks and picks off a lot of shots. He rarely gets hit flush and usually sees punches coming. His foot speed also helps him move effectively when he's being attacked and his overall sense of boxing and lateral movement helps him to defend and efficiently go straight back to attacking or countering.

Bradley can in fight. Bradley likes to take opponents on the inside and wail hooks on their body and head. Though people say his hooks are wide they also land and land often. His body attacks wear down his opponents' strength and will. His rounds 3 and 4 with Peterson were admirable because they traded body shots for those rounds.

Bradley is not a runner, he's an offensive fighter with good defense. He's quick to bring the fight to the opponent which makes me wonder why some people think "Timothy Bradley fights are boring." How are they boring? He punches in high volume, brings the fight to the opponent, punches hard enough to hurt or keep opponents honest, and usually wins on will and relentlessness as much as he does on skill and guile. I think every time he fights it's a great display of skill and fighting aggression (except for the Casamayor fight in which he was going for the one punch KO in every punch, which made him load up and not throw as many effective combinations, nor did he move his feet enough etc.).

Bradley has a high Ring IQ. I feel this is his most valuable asset and the reason I'd put him as being better or able to outdo most elite fighters between 135-147 today minus the guy who is called Floyd (mugshot!). I feel he could easily outbox, and later on outwork Khan. I feel he could out guile, out box, and out counter Manny Pacquiao. His speed will give Pacquiao trouble, and his lateral movement, his beautiful jab, and his body work/stamina would wear Pacquiao down.

Bradley has great timing. He can gauge his distance well, he can time his opponents well and the fact that he's fast also makes him able to be an accurate volume puncher.

To me, Bradley has all the tools, and despite what people say about his "boring fights/style" or "his cheating headbutts" I feel Bradley has all the tools and guile that make up "The Sweet Science" which is to "hit and not be hit." (not to KO and absorb punishment along the way). See ya!

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