Cleaning Out the DVR: Vol. 3 (Cayo! Farias! DiBella monologue!)

Alright, a pair of cards - one from October, and one all the way back from FEBRUARY. Yes. I have unwatched stuff going back about a year. Ergo: These posts.


Our first show was recorded a couple weeks ago and comes to us from a random Comcast Sports affiliate in the Bay Area. Chris Mannix and Brian Adams are here and ladies and gents, WE HAVE BOXING ON THE WAY. Yes folks, its Broadway Boxing, coming to us from that famous Broadway venue....uhhh....Foxwoods Casino. That dude with the mile long dreads is announcing - I know his name is David Diamante because it is on the back of the cards. I could draw more people to the Fox Theater than are presently in the building when they start taping too. Taping date for this show was 10/21/2011. If you're thinking "Hey, did DiBella do something that day?", well, he did. This was the dark undercard for Edwin Rodriguez/Will Rosinsky. Sorta.

Jevon Boisseau (3-5-1) fights Delen Parsley (5-0 [2]) to open the card and like two people clap. This is a junior middleweight contest. Parsley is pretty tall, but he's not very good fighting on the outside. I would go so far as to say that he can't or doesn't want to. Boisseau is honestly like a light welterweight or something in comparison. Like, its some hilarious difference in size.There nothing I'm seeing here that excites me whatsoever. In fact, he recedes into a defensive shell far too easily, which allows Boisseau to keep walking at him and throwing body shots. He just doesn't appear to be an elite guy. He wins a unanimous decision.

Willie Villanueva (10-3 [2]) against Ryan Kielczewski (11-0 [2]) is our next bout. Lou Dibella also joins the folks on the mics and tells us that Kielczewski is a poor man's Paulie Malignaggi. That's how he is promoting him. Well, as one of the few dudes who actually liked to watch Paulie fight, I guess I'll pay attention. You see the similarities: Soft punching and white skin. Aside from that: Paulie moved a lot on guys. Gave them angles. Gave them a target that was very difficult to touch, much less land clean on. Ryan comes forward. He's not giving angles and trying to counter punch or kill guys with speed. He's walking them down and trying to land. He doesn't have the hand speed either.

Dibella ends up sounding ridiculous offering nothing but the occasional Staning of his fighter. It actually becomes the most enthralling part of the contest: How hard will he root for his man? What punches that land on the arms will he cheer? Dibella tells us he has few if any technical flaws. Well, I will agree. His basics are not terrible. The issue is that he's not being pressed at all here to justify any hype. I agree that at 22, there's no reason to shove him forwards against tough opposition who will beat him. On the other hand, he's in a fight against a guy who isn't offering much serious resistance.Add in a style that, in combination to the lack of punching power, seems destined to leave him shattered on a Shobox card - I'm not racing to buy a ticket. Again: Unanimous decision, wins all 6 rounds.

Lou Dibella then gets a chance in a studio to give a monologue for Jack Johnson to get a pardon. Oh. Great.

Hey, Mike Straka. Benny Ricardo. Wait, wait? We're at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana? This is a Victor Cayo fight they're announcing? This is a thing right here, and this thing is from 11/6/2011. Ring announcer is some dude name Grant Waterman who might be British or something. He is definitely bald. In our first fight, there is some sort of belt at stake, and we have a 21-0-2 fighter named Jenifel Vincente from DR fighting Lucian Gonzalez, who is 10-6-1 with two KO wins on his resume. Dear god. This is at super bantam. This is an 8 round fight, for what that's worth.

Vincente is a banger: That is very clear. Not much of a guy who works his way in, at least here. Gonzalez doesn't really make him pay coming forwards, and so the fight largely consists of Gonzalez laying on the ropes defending and countering occasionally. Gonzalez does start to come on pretty strong in the later rounds as Vincente' motor begins to tail off. He gets some traction going moving and jabbing but does so at a point in the fight where he basically needs to get a knockdown or two to win. As a fighter with 2 KOs, that's not likely. Can't say I'm surprised to hear the bell ring to sound the end of the fight and that he lost a decision either. Ricardo tell the fans at home that Gonzalez earned his paycheck. Last time I heard fighters went to Punta Cana to fight, it was an MMA card no one got paid to do and no doctor was present at. Oops. I had this 77-75 personally after 8 in favor of Vincente.

Finally, the main event: Nelson Sanchez (7-2) against Victor Cayo (26-2). What a crap fight. Sanchez basically takes a dive or something that makes me believe that I would claim that someone has allegedly taken a dive off a right hand to the temple while Sanchez was off balance, and we're out and away a minute and a half in. Cayo is a skilled fighter. I'm not sure he even needed any of it on this night.


Onto the next show, and we're hours and hours away by plane in Argentina. Taping date for this show was 2/19/2011, and its Boxeo De Primera. That means poor matchmaking featuring Argentine fighters, which makes for carnage. And for those MMA fans out there what does carnage really mean? Action! Yes. This is a night of short fights. Headlining this venture is Arthur Abraham's comeback opponent, Pablo Farias. Causing trouble for this broadcast is the issue that sound for the entire show has heavy feedback/static. None is present before. None after.

Opening up this festival of beatdowns disguised as serious competition is Dario Balmaceda (5-4-1 [2]) against Job Mazeo (8-3-1 [4]). Does either guy matter? No. Balmaceda lost twice to Farias already in his 10 fight career. Mazeo never lost to anyone you've heard of. This, I should note, is a light heavyweight contest, and Balmaceda looks to be as much as 7-8 inches taller than his opponent, and more muscular too. Physical mismatch made competitive for short bursts by Balmaceda's lack of technique and skill in the ring. Mazeo basically pressed him from moment one and actually landed some shots here and there. Horrible stoppage in the second - Mazeo goes down off balance from a left hook, then Farias rushes him shortly after with some cuffing punches and the ref jumps in to save him. He shakes his head. I write "smdh" in these notes.

Next bout: a 4 round women's contest between Daniela Bermudez and Cristina Pacheco. Lots of wild punching going on, Bermudez wins, then goes on to fight for a WORLD TITLE in her next bout. If you want to read more about Bermudez, feel free to see this much more recent view of her beating up another overmatched opponent in a short bout from my look at the 11/19 TyC card.

That basically ignored women's bout is closely followed by Gustavo Bermudez (10-5 [5]) getting in there to take on Daniel Eduardo Brizuela (21-1-1 [8)]. This Bermudez has actually fought decent fighters. In fact, his prior fight to this is a loss to Jonathan Barros. This Bermudez also turns out to actually be the larger of the two men and...wait, did he just drop Brizuela in the first round on a well timed hook? He did. Huh. This fight goes the entire 6 round distance that its scheduled for, and my final scorecard reads 58-55 in favor of Bermudez, who I give rounds 1, 3, 4, and 5 to and a 10-8 for the clean knockdown in the first. Brizuela just didn't react well at all to the pressure and looked all out of shape any time something landed on him. The fight officially goes down as a split decision draw. Horrible judging there.

And now onto the next bout on the card: Cleber Alves (8-3 [7]) vs. Pablo Farias (16-0 [10]). Farias is defending his unified Latino WBO/WBC titles. I can't believe I just typed those words. In defense of Farias here, he has a very intense mullet. He is also clearly soft. Alves is slow and clumsy and all around is not very good, and yet he has some success landing punches here on the occasions he is not merely a training tool. For the most part, he just gets beat up. There's a nice little uppercut that drops Alves in round one. In round two, we see Farias just increase the work rate and combination punching. In turn, we get more knockdowns (two) and then he finishes the job in round 3. Lots of cheering and hugs. He's not a terrible fighter, but he's very plain. He has a Juan Diaz body style. And that's being kind. I can't see him lasting 5 rounds even with an unmotivated Alejandro Berrio. Of course, he lost his last fight by DQ, which led the WBC to push him up the rankings. He's never faced anyone above domestic competition in his homeland.

Finally, its time for a 4 roiund bout as Damian Albornoz (5-1 [1]) takes on David Irusta (3-0-1 [1]) in the best matched contest of the night. Lightweight bout too, so maybe they will throw a lot of punches and not look so bad! I paid only some attention to this, to be honest. Irusta fights as a southpaw and Albornoz has shoes that come untied often. To the credit of Irusta, he ends up controlling the distance and landing the jab most in spite of a serious height disadvantage against him and wins a unanimous decision.

And with that, another one of these is in the books. I like to try and get them done on Tuesdays, but I got busy this week. Promise to be closer to on time next week.

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