Cleaning Out the DVR: Vol. 5 (Enrique Quevedo-a-Go-Go)

This week's installment features a pair of cards recorded in the middle of 2011 from Azteca America. Ah, Box Azteca. Now a clearing house for strange European based cards and bad Mexican ones, it presents to us a pair of shows featuring super flyweight pseudo-contender Enrique Cuate Quevedo. I'll also be using a new format for cleaner reading.


The first of the two shows was taped on May 6th and televised in the US the following day, and comes to us from a baseball stadium used in the Mexicali Rural Baseball League. Can't make this up. I have no idea what is on this card in advance, so I'm hoping for the best. Main event is Enrique Quevedo vs. Jorge Guerrero. Who? I'm not sure.

1) Diego Atzin vs. Horacio Sanchez : Fight between two flyweights. Atzin is much, much larger than Sanchez. According to Boxrec, Sanchez came in at Hayweight. Atzin came in at 113. I'm guessing that was 113 after a cut. Like a 5 division difference here.

RESULT: Atzin Unanimous Decision

BREAKDOWN: Interesting fight, actually. Sanchez has never won a contest, but he looks like the technically more proficent boxer. Atzin just wings stuff from all over. Super wide puncher. He hits a lot harder though and breaks Sanchez' nose, which means his face is completely red by the end of the fight. Sanchez did a lot of head movement and threw straighter, faster punches, but he couldn't dissuade Atzin one bit with the power he had. Atzin's first loss was to real prospect Roberto Castaneda, and I can't say I'm surprised at all.

2) Marcos Geraldo Jr. vs. Martin Rodriguez: One guy is debuting, the other is a 0-1 fighter from Punta Cana, DR. why drag him out here for this? Basically a featherweight bout.

RESULT: Geraldo Jr TKO Round 4

BREAKDOWN: Geraldo Jr. is a totally stereotypical Mexican brawler, and Rodriguez isn't good enough to keep him off. In round 4, Rodriguez lands a punch weird and falls to the mat immediately afterwards having injured his hand. He gets to the bell but the bell for the 5th never rings.

3) Edgar Lupillo Ramirez vs. Sergio "Mickey" Lopez: How many Mickey Lopezes are there? Lopez is 12-3 coming into this bout, Ramirez is but 3-4. Not much of a fight on paper. Featherweight contest.

RESULT: Lopez TKO (Retirement) Round 6

BREAKDOWN: Fight actually turns out to be pretty good - Lopez kept this one in tight and both guys just threw and threw and threw some more. Massive technical deficiencies on both, which explains each man's record. Ramirez retired prior to the start the 6th round due to exhaustion. He just ran himself out of gas in this one.

4) Roberto Castaneda vs. Pedro Garcia: I don't know if its fair to call it a "gross mismatch"; yes, Castaneda is 13-0, Garcia 10-9. But Garcia has a lot of pro experience and Castaneda is apparently still fighting 4-6 rounders at this stage.

RESULT: Castaneda TKO Round 3.

BREAKDOWN: Castaneda's taller, he's leaner, he's got more skills. Garcia comes forwards and eats punches until he can't eat anymore, and then falls down. Castaneda has that very vertical, almost European stance that a lot of Mexican boxers have picked up since the success of the Marquez Bros.

5) Enrique Quevedo vs. Jorge Guerrero: Okay, this is a total mismatch. Quevedo's mot notable contest is a KO loss to Gerson Guerrero for the NABF super flyweight title. He at least has a decent looking record. Guerrero is 3-6. To his credit, he's 3-1 in his last 4 coming into this. Still. Not good.

RESULT: Quevedo TKO Round 1.

BREAKDOWN: Little to analyze. Quevedo walked through his man like he was barely even there.


The second card is all sorts of digitally screwed up from however it was sent along to the network in the states. I know its the video, because the audio overdubbed in the studio sounds crystal clear, and all the commercials work fine. Just not the fights themselves. In short: This was arduous to watch. This time the fights come from the Deportivo Anahuac in Monterrey, which is a soccer stadium. The main event for this card again features Enrique Quevedo, this time pitted against the 29-20-1 Roberto Lopez.

1) Ezequiel Aviles vs. Isirido Sanchez: Super featherweight opener. Sanchez has a mohawk. Not much else to say about the participants.

RESULT: Aviles TKO Round 1.

BREAKDOWN: Aviles bloodies and batters Sanchez into a KO win towards the end of the first to earn his second pro win.

2) Guadalupe "Corrales" Barrera vs. Omar Aguilar: Two guys I know little about and seem to not be going anywhere important in the super flyweight class.

RESULT: Barrera TKO Round 2.

BREAKDOWN: Barrera lets Aguilar in real close and tight, giving away a height/reach advantage he should probably be using. Makes for an OK fight between two guys that don't matter until he KOs Aguilar with a hook while they're being broken up by the ref. The referee counts anyways.

3) Jesus Lopez vs. Jose Escarcega: Another super bantamweight fight between unknown and meaningless guys.

RESULT: Lopez UD 4 Rounds.

BREAKDOWN: I didn't take notes aside from scoring the rounds, and I had it 39-37 Lopez, who is a 5-7 fighter now. Not the fight I was really looking to pay attention to.

4) Rolando Paredes vs. Rogelio Ruvalcaba: This is sorta interesting: Two undefeated Mexican super middleweight prospects fighting each other, really at light heavyweight. Paredes is by far the paunchier of the two men.

RESULT: Ruvalcaba TKO Round 2

BREAKDOWN: Ruvalcaba batters the hell out of a game but totally outgunned Paredes. Rogelio is probably 3-4 inches taller than his opponent and much, much leaner. Both guys are bangers, but if you have to pick one to have more refinement to what he does, its Ruvalcaba. His jab is not too fantastic but he has a decent idea of how to keep his man at bay and hit him over and over. Paredes ends up being stopped with a barrage against the ropes. I wonder if he's related to Rito, a former Sergio Mora victim. Hmmm.

5) Roberto Castaneda vs. Luis Alberto Gomez: Again we see the undefeated Castaneda against a guy he shouldn't fight. Gomez is 4-2.

RESULT: Castaneda TKO Round 3

BREAKDOWN: Lots of similarities with the fight against Pedro Garcia two months prior. Castaneda keeps the man at bay with the jab and just torches him with uppercuts and right hands coming in. I guess he's only 20 and this is who he should fight for a year or two more before making a big step up or something, but it doesn't tell me anything about what he can do aside from that he does have some basic skills and a semblance of power.

6) Enrique Quevedo vs. Roberto Lopez: Big step up to a long time gatekeeper for Quevedo.

RESULT: Quevedo TKO Round 6.

BREAKDOWN: Not an impressive destruction or anything here. In fact, Lopez quits on the stool between rounds after having at least looked alive most of the fight. No, what you have here is a fight in which Lopez comes at Quevedo for a little bit, gives a decent account of himself, gets hit quite a bit in return, and then stops fighting altogether rather suddenly. If you're hoping for something special out of these two programs highlighting the guy, you end up seeing this. He's basic, he has some talent, but he doesn't do anything very well, and against a guy who was stopped inside of 5 rounds multiple, multiple times over a very long career, he doesn't manage to ever really rock his world.

Congrats to anyone who read that entire thing. I know: not a ton of payoff, right?

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