Favorite Fights of 2000-2010

Hello Everyone! I was just rewatching Cotto-Torres today and thought, damn! This is one of my favorite fights of the last 10 years. So what are yours?!

In no particular order:

1.) Cotto-Torres

Cotto gets strafed and keeps coming back with that left hook. His conditioning and his heart really came through in a way that the more talented Victor Ortiz didn't against Maidana. A real classic.

2.) Casamayor-Katsidis

LOOVVE this fight. Katsidis was such a warrior, and Casamayor just went through the meat grinder. I love the back and forth and I got to really like Katsidis after this fight. Too bad he's always been just shy of the world title, but I hope he gets it someday.

3.) Berto-Collazo

Still one of my favorite fights. I loved the back and forth, and thought Collazo really outworked him on the inside and eventually outboxed him on the outside with skill and timing.

4.) Pacquiao Morales 3

I thought this fight showed the evolution of Pacquiao into a two handed fighter, and his right hook and superior footwork were on display in this fight.

5.) Ward-Miranda

I've always been an Andre Ward fan since 2004 when I read an article about him on Men's Health magazine. Edison Miranda represented his first step up agst a named opponent and he fought through a cut via headbutt in the first round and dominated Miranda.

6.) Mosley-Margarito

Many people like to downplay Mosley's last dominant and great performance, but I'd say everyone and their mamas were betting against Mosley that night, and thought he'd go down Ali-Foreman/Balboa-Drago style that night, and he really shined. You can state all you want about the hand wraps and Margarito's "state of mind", but Margarito was really agst an older figher on the downside who hadn't had a great career victory in years, got beaten by Cotto in a close fight two years back, and was smaller. Margarito by all accounts should have steamrolled through Mosley, except Mosley, who was going through a divorce and a change of trainer at the time came strong with his new head coach Nazim Richardson and boxed beautifully, slowed down Margarito's momentum, and outslugged him without getting hit ("swim without getting wet"). Though Mosley usually doesn't get credit for this, he beat a better Margarito than Pacquiao fought and that Cotto rematched. He's also the only person in recent history to legitimately knockout Margarito.

I'll probably add more later. And of course I didn't become a hardcore boxing fan until about 2006 b/c I didn't grow up with cable. Have a nice day!

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