Khan vs Peterson: Anthony Peterson Discusses His Brother's Main Event and His Own Comeback (Video)

Luke Thomas of MMA Nation spoke with Anthony Peterson, the younger brother of Lamont Peterson, who will also be in action this Saturday night in DC, as he tries to get his career back on track against veteran Daniel Attah (26-8-1, 9 KO).

Anthony (30-1, 20 KO) hasn't fought since his September 2010 loss on HBO to Brandon Rios, where he was disqualified for repeated low blows as Rios' pressure and power proved to be too much. It was a breakout night for Rios, and a performance that had many questioning where Anthony Peterson stood. His comeback trail starts on Saturday.

Check out the event page for Khan vs Peterson for an interview with Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson and the rest of our fight coverage.

On whether he's more nervous about his own fight or Lamont's:

"My brother's fight. I'm always like that. I could be fighting a guy who's ten feet tall, he could be fighting a midget. I'm still gonna be concerned about him. That's my brother."

On what he sees in Khan vs Peterson:

"I think it's gonna be, like, a ninth or tenth round knockout. I think he's gonna get that rhythm of the punches Amir Khan's throwing, and connect with a left hook in between."

On Amir Khan's strengths:

"His biggest asset is his busy style. He's very busy, throws bunches of punches, but it's one-dimensional. They're all coming straight down the line."

On replicating success of past Khan opponents:

"He can do more. If you look at (Prescott and Maidana), they're both shorter than Lamont. Lamont's pretty tall, with good, sturdy defense."

On his fight with Daniel Attah:

"Actually, I watched Daniel Attah, because Barry (Hunter) used to train him a little bit back in the day. He always had a hard, cut body, real slick southpaw. ... I know a lot about him. I know too much about him. That's the scary part."

On his weight:

"Right now I'm about 137. I'm gonna be a lightweight for a long time. ... [On his walking around weight] 141, 142. Eating pizza, ice cream, stuff like that. The highest I ever got was 144.4."

On Mitchell vs Ibragimov:

"I'm going with Seth because he's a home favorite. I like the way he fights. They have potential to have a great heavyweight fight that night."

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