Williams vs Ishida: George Peterson Says Williams Wants Martinez or Lara Again

Paul Williams would be open to a third fight with Sergio Martinez. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

In an interview with David P. Greisman of BoxingScene.com, trainer George Peterson says that his fighter, Paul Williams, is open to facing anybody from 147 to 160 in his January 21 return to the ring on Showtime, but that ultimately, they want another shot at Sergio Martinez or Erislandy Lara.

"I always want to go back and get the best fight and the most competitive fight out there. The most competitive fight out there would be Lara or Martinez. That’s who I want.

"(Paul) just got caught with a shot he would’ve never got caught with. He fought that guy [Martinez] 12 rounds before in the first fight. He threw the same shot, but he never knocked him out. But we realize that it can happen anytime with anybody. So we want to get that fight back, either one of those."

I know the knock -- and I believe the same -- on Peterson is that he and Paul Williams have terrible game planning, but I do admire the willingness of Peterson and Williams to go back and try to settle a score. They know the Lara fight wasn't quite right -- even if they just feel they got lucky to win a close one, they want to make that right and win convincingly. And even though Martinez knocked Paul Williams halfway into 2011 when he blasted him in November 2010, they want a third fight there, too.

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It's pretty telling of the kind of fighter Williams is.

But Peterson does continue to completely ignore that there is a fundamental flaw. "He just got caught" is not a valid excuse in this situation. Williams is a complete, unbelievably huge sucker for an overhand left. Yes, Martinez hit him with it plenty the first time. So did they fix it? Nah. Then Martinez knocked him out with one. Did they fix it? Nah. Lara hit him with a bunch, too.

So it's also pretty telling as to what's wrong with Paul Williams, among other things. No fighter is perfect, but Williams is that rare case with unreal physical attributes and gifts who fights to the contrary of almost every single one of them, almost trying to make himself easier to beat.

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There are few top fighters in recent years who have been easier to scout than Paul Williams. But he always comes to fight, and I expect no different on January 21 or after. We'll see -- my personal jury is out on Tall Paul right now, but I'll admit I'm hoping for him to look sharp and get back in the mix.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Martinez vs Williams III next year, either. Sergio's not exactly swimming in marketable opponents, and if it makes sense, it could happen.

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