Tommy Karpency Wins a KO-1 While His Brother Jeremiah Goes The Distance

Tommy Karpency told me before the fight everyone wants to go out and get a first round knockout and that’s exactly what he did.

The first boxing show in Harrisburg in 10 years and the first boxing show in Payton Promotions history provided fireworks early and often.

Karpency (21-2 14 KO) took the fight to late replacement Andre Hemphill right off the bat and knocked him out at 2:12 of the very first round.

He put Hemphill (10-17 5 KO) down early in the round with a left uppercut and finished the fight with a liver shot. “I knew he wasn’t getting up when I saw his chest going up and down.”

He was scheduled to fight Dallas Vargas but he pulled out six days ago with hand problems. The change in fighter didn’t change his approach.

“We did what we planned on, we expected some movement which we got from Andre. I just went downstairs early because he took the fight on short notice and you always check them to the body.”

Hemphill was taking the fight on only six days notice but showed up in great shape. The fight was shortened from six to eight rounds but Karpency wasn’t going to start fast and tire himself out.

He has no fight planned of now but that doesn’t mean he is going to rest on his laurels. “I am going to be back in the gym look at the tape and work on some things I need to work on and just get better.”

His brother Jeremiah had a much tougher fight in the opener against William Miranda. Jeremiah got off to a fast start and bullied Miranda on the inside while landing some wicked body shots.

He seemed to stun Miranda and reddened the left side of his face after the first. Jeremiah seemed to slow down in the second round and Miranda took advantage landing a solid left hand and winning the round on my card.

He wouldn’t win another round on my card as Jeremiah picked up his work rate again and landed a nice straight left hand and a straight right hand in the third.

He won the fourth as Miranda was bullied into the ropes and did nothing. Jeremiah won a majority decision by scores of 39-37 (2x) and 38-38.

Former three-time-Pennsylvania Golden Gloves winner Josh Bowles made his pro debut to much fan fare against winless Jonathan Ocassio.

Ocassio (0-7) came to fight and lasted the whole round but lost by scores of 40-36 (3x). Bowles (1-0) had a much better work rate but still has an amateurish style that doesn’t involve much heavy punching.

His combinations were fast and crisp and he dazed Ocassio in the first with a nice counter right hand. He also changed levels well and showed nice body work.

In the co-main event Steve Weimer moved to 6-0 (2 KO) with a close split decision win over spoiler Julias Edmonds (7-10). Edmonds won the fight on the inside but it wasn’t fought there enough for him to win.

He had Weimer hurt in the second but couldn’t capitalize on it. Weimer landed his jab well and landed some nice uppercuts. He won by scores of 60-54, 56-58, and 59-55.

In the knockout of the night Grayson Blake (1-0 1 KO) made his pro debut by knocking Epi Rodriguez out of the ring. Rodriguez stumbled around the ring until he fell under the bottom rope and the fight was stopped.

Travis “The Animal” Thompson moved to 4-7 (3 KO) with a knockout win in the third round over Darrell Martin. Martin fell to 4-13 (1 KO).

Overall it was a nice card put on by Nick Payton and Payton Promotions. Hopefully we will be hearing from this promotional company again very soon.

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