Continuous Quiz: A twist...

I've been tinkering recently with a few new ideas (or twists on previous themes) in order to entertain and delight, or maybe just alleviate some boredom for a minute or two. This is one of the ideas I had, which was a quiz which relies on getting the answer to any given question before being able to move on to the next.

Now, I stress this is a preliminary effort, a first attempt at something just to see if it works, and I also appreciate that maybe knocking together 5 or maybe even 10 would have been a better idea, or maybe even making it 100 questions long rather than 20...But anyway, for the whole 5 minutes it takes you to wade through it, I hope it's a bit of trivia fun, and I welcome any and all comments.

Could I just ask, please, that spoilers are kept to a minimum, at least in the first few comments, so as not to inadvertantly ruin the chain for others. Obviously those intrepid explorers who scroll down and read the comments risk finding out a tricky answer or two, but hell, it's a bit of fun. :)

Any question refers back to the answer to the previous one... hey, you'll work it out. :) I suppose the 'winner' is the person who first posts the date of birth of the man whose name is the answer to question 20 (I say DOB rather than name simply to prevent his name being the first post in the comments).

Quiz question #1 after the jump.......


1.       Who handed the great Carlos Zarate his first ever defeat in a professional bout?

2.       Who did this fighter list as his idol, even going so far as to state this at his IBHOF induction?

3.       Whose record-breaking unbeaten streak did this man famously end?

4.       This man is rated by Boxrec as the #1 P4P fighter of all time from his native country. Who is #3 on that list?

5.       Who handed this fighter his first defeat, which came when he was 35-(34)-0?

6.       Who did this man fight 3 times in his last seven fights?

7.       Who did this man defeat to win Olympic Gold in 1992?

8.       Which ‘World Title’ belt did this man win within three years of going pro?

9.       Who is the head of this organization?

10.   Who did this man describe as: “the greatest of all-time, without question”?

11.   Who did this man fight in his second ever World title defence?

12.   This man had one draw on his record. Who was his opponent?

13.   Who did this man fight in the Ring Magazine’s Fight of the Year in 1969?

14.   This man had two sons, both professional fighters. Name the elder of the two.

15.   Who handed this man his first professional defeat?

16.   Against whom was this man disqualified in his only attempt to qualify for the Olympics?

17.   Which future champion knocked this man out in less than a minute in his 39th fight?

18.   Who did this man fight and lose to in a World Title shot in 1974?

19.   That was the ninth second-round stoppage in eleven fights for this man. Only one fighter took him past round 2 in that sequence. Name him.

20.   This man fought 3 World Champions in his career. Who was the only one he went the distance with?

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