Mandatory Eight Count: Maidana Goes to Nacho, Floyd Goes to Twitter

Maidana vs Morales: Marcos Starts Training With Nacho (
Marcos Maidana is officially in camp for his April 9 fight with Erik Morales, and that camp is in Mexico with new lead trainer Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain. The hiring of Beristain is a big move for Maidana, but you never really know if a fighter-trainer relationship will work until you see it tested. Morales might not be that test.

Floyd Mayweather is still jabbing (but won't fight) Manny Pacquiao (ESPN)
Floyd Mayweather Jr. took to his Twitter account to post videos of Manny Pacquiao's three losses, seriously somehow believing that these losses really matter to anyone but him and his most ignorant, stooge-like fans. Enjoy Twitter, Floyd. The rest of us will actually watch boxing. Mayweather is coming off like a petty, jealous child. The fight is his any time he wants it. But Floyd is content to let Rustico Torrecampo and a 17-year-old Pacquiao speak for him.

Boxer Nonito Donaire is big favorite Saturday (San Francisco Chronicle)
Puff piece for Nonito Donaire, but includes a quote with Fernando Montiel expecting a rematch, which I am certain would require him to win. If Donaire wins, he'll move up again, or at least that's the working idea.

Vikings DE Edwards will turn to boxing if players locked out (Sporting News)
26-year-old Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards (6'5", 268) says he's serious that he'll give professional boxing a try if the NFL winds up with a lockout next season. Edwards has been noted many times in the past for using boxing workouts to improve his hands in an effort to shed blocks.

A Numbers Game? Assessing Boxing’s Place In The Statistical Revolution (The Sweet Science)
Eric Raskin talks to the folks at CompuBox about statistics in boxing. Of course it comes back to "math geeks" and seeing with your eyes, which would annoy me if it were baseball, but it's not, and I agree with Raskin that boxing simply does not really lend itself to numbers. It really is a sport where the best analysis is what you see, which puts it in a minority, frankly.

Q&A: Glen Hamada ( asks judge Glen Hamada some great questions, and Mr. Hamada gives some of the worst and most boring answers in the history of time. Hamada offers great insights on many of your favorites, including Ike Ibeabuchi ("It's too bad he was incarcerated during the peak of his career"), Michael Nunn ("He later fought James Toney and was KO'd ending his reign as the middleweight champion"), Tyson-Douglas ("Mike Tyson is KO'd by Buster Douglas against heavy odds"), Tszyu-Judah ("The fight did not last very long"), and MORE!

55-year-old boxer's quest comes to an end at Notre Dame (
Here's some boxing news from MY neck of the woods. The Bengal Bouts are pretty famous in the area, and it's a good story. Most of you won't care, but a few of you might.

Anthony Mundine and Garth Wood set for rematch (Sydney Morning Herald)
I wish this wasn't going to happen, because I like making fun of Anthony Mundine as much as anyone, and unless he's completely shot physically and/or mentally, chances are he's going to be legitimately focused for this fight and shred Garth Wood, who in terms of skill is not near Mundine's class. This rematch also smells funny, but I'll avoid going into a whole conspiracy theorist spiel about it, so use your imaginations.

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