Floyd Loses Round One. In Court

In the much anticipated fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather(s), the Filipino Dynamo has been given the first round over the Grand Rapids Grandee by the referee, or in this case, the presiding judge.

Sadly, this battle will not be settled in the ring by the fighters. In fact, there appears little doubt that what might have been a true spectacle and a fight for the ages is now headed to a decision.

Too bad for boxing hardore and casual fans. 

The ring is a unforgiving place. It provides no place to hide, no substitutions, and but one minute's rest between each three minute round. It is Man vs Man, naked before all, in the most tranparent of forums; the squared circle.

Floyd Mayweather is considered by many to be a genius in the ring. The problem is when he's not. Whether it be at home, in his car, or just left to his own devices, Floyd is an incorrigible flirt. Disaster is his mistress.

Three times in the next month, this brilliant boxer will find himseld suited up prepared for three seperate battles. Each in courts with different names. In each case, Floyd will be at a disadvantage. In no case will he be able to do what he does best to win; Box.

No vaunted defense or patented shoulder roll will prevent open shots from connecting with the lip that flaps. Or should I say the lips that flap.

A fascinating turn of events. The once Pretty Boy now known as Money had the opportinity to fight for unfathomable fortunes. Now, by his own hands, he has found himself in a no win battle that will do nothing by cost him the very same.

Congratulations Floyd. And may God Bless America

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