One Punch Can Change Everything

Down Goes Frazier !!!! Down Goes Frazier !!!!

And just like that, the world, your world, changes. One day you may be Champion. Before that, a contender. The next  .... I'm not sure what.

Boxing is simply like no other game. Period.

You enter the ring all but naked. Alone. Under bright lights. In front of an audience assembled to watch you. Not your team. But you. You are confronted directly, without protection or gear ...unless you consider a mouthpiece and a cup of consequence... by your opponent. Armed with your God-given talent, your skills and your training....and hopefully the right plan. Your seconds are outside the ring, supportive but unable to subtitute, blow a whistle, or otherwise help....lest they throw the towel in mercy and hope for another day.

In the end, it is you and you alone who will dictate whether you move on, move up or simply move out of the way. 

This weekend we what can only be considered the speed of fight ... two promising careers shift.... in a flash.  What these men do, how they adjust, what they learn, we will wait to see.

What we do know is that whether you are Mike Tyson, Vladimir Klitschko, Roy Jones Junior ....or David Lemieux and James Kirkland, you can and will be hit. And yes, you can.... and will be dropped. 

The question for all who dare to enter the squared circle is what do you do when that happens. How you answer that question will be the sole determinant between those that could..and those who will.

James. David. You guys are not the first ...or the last.  But rest assured, we will be watching very very closely to see who you are or who we thought you were.

It's been a great weekend. I am interested to hear from you all about other fighters, past and present, who went from Wow....... to I don't Know How.

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