Saturday Boxing Results: Ortiz and Salido Score Upsets, Khan Tops McCloskey

Victor Ortiz has a lot more reason to smile after tonight. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Mashantucket, Connecticut (Full Recap)

  • Victor Ortiz UD-12 Andre Berto: My gut said he had an outside shot, but I couldn't get my brain to buy it. For once I should have actually bet with my gut (in our pick'em game, not actual money). Ortiz and Berto both hit the canvas on two occasions, but it was the finally, truly vicious Victor who pressed, looked stronger, and physically dominated Berto, who never fully recovered from a hard knockdown in the first round, and fought tired for the majority of the bout. It's easily Ortiz's biggest career win, and the breakout performance he needed. A rematch would seem a great idea. I cannot say enough about how physically strong Ortiz looks as a welterweight.
  • Deandre Latimore UD-8 Dennis Sharpe: Shockingly, Sharpe didn't win a single round. That bagel matches the amount of fights he's won in the last seven years.
  • Thomas Dulorme KO-2 Harrison Cuello: Dulorme (11-0, 10 KO) scored a knockout so brutal, so nasty, that HBO showed a clip of it during the Berto-Ortiz main event. The press in attendance at the fight and on Twitter at the time reacted in emphatic and wild fashion. George Willis said that Lou DiBella told him, "It sounded like an explosion. It was scary."
  • Other Results: Joseph Elegele KO-2 Angel Hernandez ... Luis Rosa TKO-5 Joseliz Cepeda ... J'Leon Love TKO-2 JC Peterson (I hope Love makes it, name alone) ...

Bayamon, Puerto Rico (Full Recap)

  • Orlando Salido TKO-8 Juan Manuel Lopez: This has been one crazy ass month, and this just put the icing on the cake tonight. The last fight of the night was, in my opinion, arguably the best, as these two had a quieter, less explosive battle than Berto-Ortiz, but with constant action and hard shots raining down from Salido. Salido winning this fight is a testament to his toughness, and I don't just mean once the bell rings. You've gotta be a tough dude to get this far in a career that started the way his did. A rematch seems a good idea.
  • Luis Cruz UD-10 Martin Honorio: Scores were wide twice for Cruz, but most were not so impressed as those two judges.
  • Other Results: Jose A. Gonzalez TKO-3 Miguel Angel Munguia ... Carlos Negron TKO-4 Emerson Chasing Bear ... Jonathan Gonzalez TKO-1 Elvin Calderon (this is the Jonathan Gonzalez who made his pro debut on April 1 against Jonathan Gonzalez, but this is the Jonathan Gonzalez who beat Jonathan Gonzalez, who also debuted on April 1).

Manchester, England (Full Recap)

  • Amir Khan TD-6 Paul McCloskey: Khan was sloppy, but too good for McCloskey as expected. The end came on a clash of heads in the sixth round opened a bad cut on McCloskey, with the doctor and referee stopping the fight. Khan had shutout scores of 60-54 across the board, but he fought in a nervy, lunging manner -- was it the 17,000+ in the MEN Arena getting to his nerves, a too-hard attempt to score a knockout, or a lack of respect for McCloskey? Maybe all. Khan has already rightly said he feels there's no need for a rematch.
  • Rendall Munroe UD-12 Andrei Isaeu: Munroe's first fight under the Hatton Promotions banner wasn't his best performance, but he gets the win against a decent fighter. The bout was not one for the fan who enjoys clean, hard punching, as neither looked ready to bust a grape and neither much pressed the action, either.
  • Lee Purdy TKO-5 Craig Watson: Purdy scores the upset stoppage win on a beautiful right hand that dropped Watson and left him on bad legs, leading to the referee calling off the fight. The win nets Purdy the British welterweight title, and gives the 23-year-old a big career boost. Watson had been mostly outclassing Purdy until then.
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