Dana White Speaks on Nick Diaz's Potential Boxing Career and UFC Future

Dana White plans to talk to Nick Diaz about his future in combat sports -- even if it involves boxing. (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

As many of you know, Strikeforce MMA star Nick Diaz is talking about a boxing career, either as a side career or as a new full-time job (probably the former if anything). Diaz has discussed a fight with washed-out Jeff Lacy, which has generated some very mild interest online among fans of one of the two sports (but not so much with fans of both, it seems).

UFC head Dana White, whose company recently purchased Strikeforce, spoke about the situation while he and his company gear up for the enormous UFC 129 show on Saturday in Toronto, an event that sold out the Rogers Centre (55,000 tickets).

From MMA Weekly:

There had been some confusion recently about the language in Diaz’s current deal with Strikeforce that would allow him to strap on the gloves and try his hand at boxing, but White says he absolutely has that clause in his contract.

Now, it’s a matter of figuring out the how, when, and where of the situation.

"It’s in his deal that he can do it, absolutely," White confirmed about Diaz being able to box while under contract to Strikeforce.

FightLine.com has this from White:

"I'll say the same thing I always say about Nick: he's a tough one to deal with," said White. "He doesn't play the game well. I think the kid has potential. Forget about fighting -– he has the potential to be a star. But for some reason he's an anti-star. I know for a fact that boxing isn't for him, because I've been in boxing for years. All of the boxers wish they were involved with us."

The last line is fairly hilarious, in the same way that someone might say, "All the hockey players wish they were playing football," and I do have my doubts that Manny Pacquiao wants to give back the $32 million he made last year to come in at Brock Lesnar's $5.3 mil, but hey, Dana says things. Nothing new on that score.

Honestly, do you have any interest in seeing a Nick Diaz-Jeff Lacy fight? Is this something that perks you up, something you'd go out of your watch to watch? I'll even offer three "yes" options, because I think reasons to want to see this could be all over the board.

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