Margarito Career in Jeopardy

Antonio Margarito may, after the horrific beating he took last fall in Dallas at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, not be coming back.

Word is the broken orbital he sustained was only the half of it. He may have detached his retina; a career ending injury.

Now I know this satisfies many and excites a few. Well, maybe more than a few. Antonio certainly gave boxing lovers plenty to hate after getting caught old wrap-handed before his loss to Mosely.

But he also gave some, or should I guess lots of us, more than our share of thrills as he put everything on the line with his (Bossman, you'll excuse me) 'stalk, stun and kill' approach to every round of every fight.

Many will say good riddance. Others, karma. Some like me will say Laurence Cole and Robert Garcia did their jobs poorly that night in Texas. When Garcia heard the bone crushing in the 4th, he was right to let his fighter continue. After eight rounds of further punishment, he may have reconsidered. He didn't and I suspect he and Antonio had an understanding. They trained for war and knew the only way to win was to go through hell and hope to catch Manny late.

Cole, on the other hand, a guy who gives nepotism an even worse name, used his fingers and Margarito's ability to count them as his primary tool in determining his decision to let the beating continue. That, I will argue, was poor judgement.

It is ironic that it was Texas, the one place before all others, that re-licensed Margarito when no one else was prepared to do so. And it was a Cole (Dickie) that allowed his career to continue and for him to fight. It is also ironic that Cole the Younger was the man who may have best been able to stop the fight that night... and for him to fight another day.

Personally, I already miss Margarito and wish him well. I can't say I want to see him back because I don't want anyone fighting with a detached retina, fixed or not.

Say what you will ... and I know you will but Antonio Margarito went out on his shield. And I will always love fighters like that.

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