Shadowing Boxing: Pascal vs. Hopkins 2: "Stop acting like a baby Bernard!"



"What is that ski mask doing wearing Bernard Hopkins?"

There is something to be said about a cunning man on a quest to chisel his way into history. Bernard Hopkins is looking like the exception to the rule, but in today's fight game he's managing to pry his greatness away from the grim reaper himself. Scott Crist's post says it beautifully about how both parties in this fight are not in the same class. 

The fight lived up to the hype and oddly it was almost visually the same fight. Pascal isn't an over rated fighter, but of he doesn't get thrown to the gutter by his Canadian friends he can emerge a better fighter. Jean Pascal is explosive in short segments of rounds. His power is good enough to earn him the belt even it was from a cut. 

Hopkins had his chin tested more throughly on this fight. No flash knockdowns this time. The punches were hard enough to take Hopkins out of the fight. I bet Nasim Richardson wishes Shane Mosley was half as intelligent has Hopkins. I bring this up because of the lead right hands that began freeze Pascal. Fight over. You boxing fans have seen Floyd Mayweather use this punch effectively for a long while, and it proved that the lead right can still demoralize an opponent all by itself. 

Either way Jean Pascal fought his fight for a couple of rounds and was antagonized and lost his cool and the fight.

Even when you accuse a guy of using steroids, there's not much else you can use as an excuse when you are the physically superior man and get beaten by the guy you make the anti-steroids t-shirts  for. Don't fail the test!

Fight on Jean...


Mr. Melancholy Chad Dawson Cruises to Victory

It was good to see Bad Chad back in the ring. It's going to be great to see him fight a fight where he's mentally invested. Let's hope this next fight get him back on track. Diaconu was slick and really tried to bring the big guy down. He landed some great shots throughout the fight. 

His first fight with trainer Emanuel Stewart went well enough to see a noticable difference in his fighting style. Fewer combinations and concentration on more powerful jab mixed with his upper-cut. 

It seems that the duo did well during there first outing, and if they get Bernard Hopkins as their next opponent we will see what else Chad Dawson has learned.

Question for the community.

What did we learn about both fighters Saturday night?

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