Photos and Quotes: Manny Pacquiao, Shane Mosley, Jorge Arce, Kelly Pavlik Discuss Saturday's Event


"We tried our best. We both gave it our best effort. My legs tightened up during the fight. I couldn't move. It's the same thing that happened to me against (Juan Manuel) Marquez. It's been happening to me more lately."

"Mosley is not slow. He's fast and I had to be cautious of his counter-punch.''


"You can't blame age. Manny is an exceptional fighter. He truly is the pound-for-pound king. He has speed and power that I have never felt before."

"It's amazing. He's cut from my cloth so I had to box tonight."

"He surprised me with that power, with that knockdown. That's the most legitimate knockdown on me in a long time."

Photo by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME PPV

After the jump: More quotes from the rest of the card's fighters, including Jorge Arce and Kelly Pavlik, and photos from the event.


"I knew I could knock him out and I did. My heart is too big. He's a good, young champion with a big punch but my experience and my heart was too much for him."

"There was no other way than to bring the fight to him. I fought like a true Mexican warrior. I won it for Mexico. Now my name will forever be mentioned when you speak of Mexican fighters.''


"I was fine. They should have never stopped this fight. I feel that I would rather get knocked out and end up on the canvas than having it stopped the way it did. My father stopped it. He never should have.''


"I had ring rust, but I did win the fight. I don't know what happened on that one scorecard but I did win the fight.''

JACK LOEW (Pavlik's trainer)

"We had two wins tonight. The first win was going up the steps, walking in the ring and competing after all the rehabs and everything he had been through. The second win was getting the win itself."

"There was definitely ring rust. That was obvious.''


"At the worst I definitely think I deserved at least a draw. I think I connected with a lot more shots than he did. I knew the rounds were going to be hard to score but low blows affected me and I got tired at the end.''


"I was sick all night and throwing up. I think I got sick after eating something after the weigh-in. I tried to get through it because I didn't want to cancel the fight, but I had no legs and no snap on my punches.''


"I was just getting started. I think he took the easy way out. After the first round I told my trainer ‘he doesn't want to fight.' He knew he didn't belong in the ring with me.''

All photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME PPV





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