2011 The Year of the Mexican Fighter?

What a year 2011 has been for boxing so far, we are at the mid-way point and a trend has emerged from the countless entertaining fights fought already. Mexico is renowned for it's long pedigree of world class boxers and already this year boxers representing Mexico have shown us blood, guts, and glory. Below is a list of boxers who represent Mexico in one form or another.

Giovani Segura-In a rematch of their 2010 FOTY candidate, Segura blasted Ivan Calderon inside of 3 rounds and is now set to move up and make noise in the Flyweight division.

Fernando Montiel-Even though he got blasted by Nonito Donaire inside of 2 rounds I have to mention Montiel. Go back and watch that knockdown that should have ended the fight. Montiel showed the world what Mexican fighters are made of. I still find it difficult to comprehend how Montiel managed to beat the count after a horrific knockdown.

Cristobal Arreola-Arreola seems to have turned a corner in his career and is now working his way towards another title shot. I am certain that his fans love his new, hard work attitude, and the fact that he is fighting every other week now can't hurt either.

Brandon Rios-Rios made a lot of enemies last year when video surfaced of Rios and stablemate Margarito mocking Freddie Roach's Parkinson's Disease. This year Rios made a lot of fans in his stalk and stun victory over Miguel Acosta and has a guaranteed action packed fight coming up against Urbano Antillon.

Hernan Marquez-The last I saw Marquez, he was being used as an experiment by Nonito Donaire as to how Donaire would fare fighting as a southpaw. Marquez was in an absolute war earlier this year and finally toppled Luis Concepcion. Seriously, I couldn't find the link to the BLH video of this fight but do yourself a favor and find it on youtube.

Marco Antonio Rubio-On a Friday night Rubio shocked Montreal and pounded his way through David Lemieux forcing Lemieux's corner to step in and protect their young fighter.

Orlando Salido-In an Upset of the Year contender Salido marched into Puerto Rico and marched out with Juan Manuel Lopez's Featherweight title. Salido will be fighting in Mexico soon and serious discussions of a rematch with Lopez for the fall ensure that Salido will be in the spotlight for a good portion of 2011.

Victor Ortiz-Viscous Victor Ortiz lived up to his name after a rough 2010 with a FOTY contender against Andre Berto which saw both men go down and both men hurt. The first 6 rounds of this fight were legendary, with both fighters throwing bombs with dangerous intentions. How either one of these men made it the full 12 is beyond me. Ortiz is now going after the impossible with a fall fight set up with Floyd Mayweather.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Though often disregarded as an uber-protected cash cow, Chavez Jr's name is starting to be mentioned as a contender to fight some of the big names in boxing. Even though he isn't there yet I say let the kid have his shot. Watch for Chavez Jr. to either burn bright or burn out, either way I doubt it will be a boring affair.

Saul Alvarez-Alvarez is one of those special fighters to me. He is one of those fighters that you don't ever want to miss because he is rarely involved in boring fights. With a hard working attitude (which Mexicans LOVE) and his red hair which earned him the nickname of Canelo (Cinnamon), Alvarez has the right ingredients to become a huge star, not just in Mexico but in the United States as well.

Eric Morales-The man, the legend, came out to play for just one more night against, arguably, the hardest punching Jr. Welterweight alive. These two men put on a show for the ages and the most remarkable thing about Morales was that he essentially fought with one eye for the entire fight. Morales is looking to fight some more but I say enough, walk away the champion that you are. No further need to prove anything.

If this trend continues through the second half of 2011 we are in store for some really good fights. Victor Ortiz is set to fight Mayweather, Juan Manuel Marquez is set to fight Pacquiao (can you name a weirder "trilogy" than that one?) and Cotto-Margarito 2 is happening. Those are just the big 3 fights set for the fall.

Did I miss any? Can you name other upcoming fights with Mexican fighters that should prove exciting?

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