Floyd To Take On Manny. Finally

Tomorrow, Floyd Mayweather will finally meet Manny Pacquiao in the presence of a real judge.

It seems that his attempts to postpone the match-up are no longer an option. The referee who will presumably judge the two pugilists has ordered Floyd to show up to in public.....not his pound for pound status.....but his claim that Pacquiao is otherwise.

Floyd is apprently being forced to do what he seems to do so effortlessly and so well; Talk. He is being his first chance to back up his claim that Manny is a fake; not the man we think we've been paying to watch, enjoy and often celebrate. A user...or should I say abuser of Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Now personally I prefer my fights in the ring, not in court. But this one intriques me. You see, in a game of brinksmanship and showmanship, I think floyd is being forced to blink. And oftyen the man forced to blink first is the man who, when he enters the ring later, dinks.

Boxing is a head game. Ask Bernard Hopkins. Floyd had and has tried to place demands on Manny because IMO he is not comfortable seeing what he sees when Manny fights. Round One Manny. Now Floyd complaints to the referee has led to a reprimand, not of Manny but of Floyd. Round Two Manny.

One day they may meet in the ring. But unless and until they do, lile Ray Leonard (Hagler) before him, Floys has tried to gain the advantage. Problem is....Manny hasn't bit. Or blinked. Unlike Hagler, he's not jumping when Floyd shoots. In fact, he has shot back.

That is not how Floyd and his family thought the game was going to get played. They thought Manny, like Hagler would capitulate. I don't think so.

Tomorrow we begin to find out.

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