Bad Left Hook Weekly Boxing Rankings for June 20: Canelo Makes a Move

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is making a quick rise in the junior middleweight division. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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It's Monday, so that means it's update time for the rankings.

Junior Middleweight

In what has become a very competitive division (as we noted last week), Saul "Canelo" Alvarez moves up from No. 8 to No. 5 with his win over Ryan Rhodes. I know a lot of folks aren't taking the win that seriously, but this kid is dominating solid veteran fighters. Not just beating them, he's running them out of the ring, and his talent is apparent. He's a full-fledged contender now in my view. You may disagree.

Ryan Rhodes, previously No. 6, drops out of the rankings. It's simple: There are a lot of guys in this division at a similar level, and a loss like that makes an impact. Pawel Wolak moves back in at No. 10, after just one week out of the rankings.

Super Featherweight

Adrien Broner moves up from No. 10 to No. 8 -- I'm still not that crazy about him, but he stopped a ranked fighter in the first round as soon as he let his hands go. There's still a lot to prove, though, and BoxRec ranking him No. 1 after a debatable win over Daniel Ponce de Leon and a destruction of Jason Litzau is, well, a bit much. I think even Broner fans would have to admit that's a bit much.

Litzau, like Rhodes, falls out of the rankings with a bad loss. He was No. 7 before, but there are a lot of guys at a similar level here, so again, it makes a bigger difference than losing to another good fighter sometimes might in a division that doesn't have as much bunching. In at No. 10 is Argenis Mendez, which makes him the first Dominican fighter in the rankings. The 25-year-old Mendez dominated Cassius Baloyi in South Africa in January, and was recently ducked by Mzonke Fana, who still sits at No. 1 in our rankings but is basically just waiting to become inactive in September as much as anything. Mendez and Juan Carlos Salgado have been in discussions.

Flyweight/Junior Flyweight

Former junior flyweight champion Giovani Segura made the official move to flyweight on Saturday, having vacated his paper belts and his lineal championship. The power punching Mexican comes in at No. 3 at 112, and honestly, I'd pick him against anyone in the division right now. He's that strong for the lower weights -- I just don't think many guys can stand up to his thunder.

Coming in at junior flyweight is Japan's Ryo Miyazaki, who holds the OPBF title. The new No. 1 in the division is Roman Gonzalez.

In Action This Weekend

Light Heavyweight: No. 4 Tavoris Cloud (22-0, 18 KO) vs Yusaf Mack (29-3-2, 17 KO)

Middleweight: No. 2 Felix Sturm (35-2-1, 15 KO) vs No. 9 Matthew Macklin (28-2, 19 KO)

Welterweight: No. 4 Kell Brook (23-0, 16 KO) vs Lovemore N'dou (48-12-2, 31 KO)

Welterweight: No. 8 Mike Jones (24-0, 18 KO) vs Raul Munoz (22-13-1, 16 KO)

Junior Welterweight: No. 4 Devon Alexander (21-1, 13 KO) vs No. 8 Lucas Matthysse (28-1, 26 KO)

Lightweight: No. 2 Humberto Soto (55-7-2, 32 KO) vs Motoki Sasaki (36-8-1, 23 KO)

Super Bantamweight: Fernando Montiel (44-3-2, 34 KO, No. 6 Bantamweight) vs Nehomar Cermeno (20-3, 12 KO)

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