Klitschko vs Haye: Tyson, Lewis, Froch and More Discuss the Fight

Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye are just one day away from settling the rivalry. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

The boxing world is, of course, buzzing about tomorrow's world heavyweight championship fight from Hamburg between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye. Many in boxing have offered their thoughts already, and here's a quick roundup of some of the picks and some of the discussion. I especially like the stark difference in picks between Bernard Hopkins and Mike Tyson.

Teddy Atlas: "One thing I can pretty much assure you, this will not be a decision. Somebody is going down. But the quickness, the explosiveness of Haye makes it possible for him to pull off an upset. ... Haye has the confidence, the bravado, to maybe land one good one on the chin of Klitschko ... and maybe get a very big upset win."

Steve Bunce: "If the fight gets rough, Wladimir won't be able to handle it. He controls from the back foot, tenderising opponents for a few rounds so he can drop them later on - and, arguably, he does it better than any heavyweight in history. What he doesn't want is someone giving him a hard time from close range."

Joe Calzaghe: "David has a chance. Wladimir is the bigger guy and has the tools with regards to the reach and the weight - but David is fast, can punch and Klitschko's been on the floor 10 times-plus. If he catches him, David can knock him out."

Oscar de la Hoya: "(Haye is) fast, a thinker, he can surprise Klitschko, I believe. Klitschko's a great fighter, a big guy, so it's a dangerous fight for David, but I believe it's a very winnable fight for Haye."

Carl Froch: "Forget the weight, he's always going to be smaller than Klitschko. ... It's a big, big ask of him to do what he's doing because of the sheer size difference. Physically, we know it's against him. But he's got the skills, he's got the tools, he's got the experience, he's got a great team behind him. And I'm expecting big things from him. I'm really, really excited about this fight and everyone should be."

Bernard Hopkins: "Haye will knock out both brothers. I'm not impressed with those guys. They've got the height and good records and a Hall of Fame trainer in Emanuel Steward, but otherwise they're ordinary. They ain't special. They're just lucky."

Amir Khan: "My money's on Haye, I think he could even take Klitschko out towards the end of the fight. He's got the speed and the power to knock him out, but I don't think he'll rush into anything just in case he makes a mistake.

Vitali Klitschko: "It will not be an easy fight. This will be a very interesting fight. Nobody in the world, no expert can predict the heavyweight division, where every punch can make the decision. ... Who will win? I believe my brother."

Lennox Lewis: "My heart says David; my head says Wladimir. The reason is because Wladmir has a good jab, good experience and a great trainer in his corner. ... David has the talent and the punch power to knock him out. And to win I think he has to knock him out. If it goes to the judges, Wladimir will win the fight."

Kevin Mitchell: "I fancy Haye, big-time, to pull it off in Germany against Klitschko. He's too fast and slick for him and once he starts landing he'll have too much power for him. I reckon Haye will get to him between rounds six to eight and then it's all over for Klitschko."

John Murray: "I can see a Haye win by knockout. Klitschko is a class world champion, but he's had his time and now it's Haye's time to shine. He's younger and fresher and carries dynamite in his fists. The early rounds might by difficult until Haye finds his range and then he'll land one of his big shots."

Ashley Theophane: "David Haye has had his greatest victories on away soil and is a fighter who travels well and doesn’t get overawed by the occasion. ... David loves being the underdog and I expect him to win by knockout come Saturday."

Mike Tyson: "Haye shouldn’t last more than two rounds with Klitschko. I like David Haye, but I think Wladimir Klitschko is too superior and too strong. I respect Haye as a human being, but he hasn't earned this fight. Klitschko should wipe him out."

Jim Watt: "I think (Haye) can do it, but if you tell me I've got to put my house on one of them, I'd go with the man who's been doing it for years, Wladimir. I would just tilt slightly towards Wladimir, keeping in mind they are both vulnerable."

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