Photos and Quotes: Brandon Rios Stops Antillon, Carlos Molina Shines Against Cintron

Last night's Showtime double-header lived up to the hype, with an action-packed, three-round war of a main event between Brandon Rios and Urbano Antillon, and a surprisingly one-sided upset of Kermit Cintron by Carlos Molina in the co-feature.

(All photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)

Rios vs Antillon

Rios: "We knew going in that whoever could take the best punch would win. Tonight I was faster and tougher for the couple of rounds we had. I had power in both hands."

Antillon: "That left hook caught me on the top of the head and it devastated me. I was never the same after the first knock down. Rios punches very hard. I just got caught and I was never able to recover."


Al Bernstein: "When you punch like that and when you have a chin like Rios does, it's going to be very hard to beat this man."

Rios: "We watched tape and saw the mistakes he's made over his last few fights and capitalized," he said. "I took my anger for him into the ring. I thought he might make it into the later rounds but he didn't. I'll fight anybody at 135 -- Marco Antonio Barrera or any of the big names."

Editor's Note from Scott: As high as I am on Rios' fighting style and his ability to make great fights, and as much as I want to see Brandon Rios fight on my TV, I would feel a bit dirty if I let this comment pass without noting what a terrible matchup Rios vs Barrera would be at this stage of their careers. I think that's one purely for sadists, and the fight deserves to be criticized. There are too many good fighters at 135 pounds. Barrera's not even top 20 in the division at this point.

Cintron vs Molina


Molina: "I was never hurt, thank God. I was prepared and ready. I didn't think about [Cintron's] ring rust. I've had to deal with two years of ring rust in my career. You still have to prepare to fight."

Cintron: "It was a tough fight. I've had a lot of them. It is what it is."

Ronnie Shields (Cintron's trainer): "No excuses. ... He couldn't get off. I asked for more punches but they never came."








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