Actual Scorecards from Williams-Lara

George Willis of the New York Post posted a photo of the scorecards here: Not sure if it's cool to post the actual picture, so go to the link and check it out.

You back? Need a drink? I know I do.

Two of the three judges gave Williams the eleventh round. The eleventh round, where Lara outlanded Williams 18-13, and outlanded him on power shots 16-8.

I missed the first few round while watching the Rios fight, so I'm not going to comment on those. The general consensus seemed to be that the fight was 3-3 or 4-2 Lara after 6. Bennett (the judge who ended up with the draw) had it even through six. Whitaker had Williams up 4-2, giving him a clean sweep of rounds 3-6, and Givens had PW up 59-56, 4-1 with a 10-10 third round.

Okay, a bit screwy, but a lot of those early rounds were apparently close.

All three judges give Lara the seventh and ninth. Bennett and Givens gave Williams the eighth. All three judges gave Williams the tenth. And, to my eternal befuddlement, both Whitaker and Givens gave 10-10 rounds for the twelfth.

So what conclusions can we draw?

  • These judges have no ability to tell the difference between slappy arm punches and clean, effective power shots. Incredible, despite it usually being tougher to see inside shots landing than heavy shots from the outside, Lara's repeated overhand left power shots were discounted in favor of PW's close-in feather dustings. 
  • Much like the judges in Alexander-Matthysse, these judges rewarded aggression, instead of effective aggression.
  • I've never seen so many 10-10 rounds scored in one fight in my life. Was this made a particular point of emphasis by the athletic commission in the run-up to this fight?

Any other thoughts?

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