Dan Goossen Scored Williams vs Lara For the Guy He Promotes

Speaking with BoxingScene.com's Lem Satterfield, promoter Dan Goossen has revealed the shocking and staggering truth, and he doesn't care if it makes him unpopular or not: He scored the Paul Williams vs Erislandy Lara fight for Paul Williams.

Goossen promotes Williams.

"I would not have called it a robbery if the fight had been called a draw or if Erislandy Lara had been given a close decision victory. It was that type of fight. What I wanted to find out about was the lopsided scores of 117-to-111. You know what? The reporters and the guys at ringside are sitting there and they're talking to one another as the fight is going on.

"And, you know, that's pretty much what happens with [HBO's] on-air talent. So everyone kind of is the same page and they're going back and forth concerning what they're seeing."

The old hive mind! You heard it, everyone. You've been tricked! Hoodwinked! Your thoughts are not your own! So desperate are you to "fit in" with cool kids such as Bob Papa, Dan Rafael, and Harold Lederman, that you let yourself be conned, man. You've got to open your mind. You've got to go out there and say, "Hey. I think for myself." Like Carl Everett with the dinosaurs, except kind of the opposite, sort of, but in that spirit. You may think you saw what you saw -- but did you really? Are we even here right now? Is this all just a ride, like Bill Hicks said? Does it even matter? And why is New Jersey investigating the judges?

Also, I keep hearing about "karma," since Erislandy Lara got a draw against Carlos Molina in March. Now that's another great way to think. "Hey! This was complete garbage, but since I disagreed with something else involving the guy who got shafted here, it's OK! Forget it! KARMA!!!!!"

Who gives a crap, right you guys?! And if you don't like it, Dan Goossen says you can GET OUT!!

"Here is the problem that I have with what happened that night that I didn't see or hear until I watched the replay. And that's how an announcing team can sit there and denigrate our sport to the levels that they did. They did it based upon what they believed that they were seeing. ... What I've got a problem with is them saying, 'This is why boxing is where it's at.' You don't like it? Get out."

Yeah, he's right. If you don't like incompetent or corrupt judging from three judges unqualified to be in this position, and if you don't like home/house fighter decisions, and if you don't like anyone getting a fair shake for a job well done regardless of whether or not they've been pets for a network for years, then GET OUT! Boxing doesn't need you because you suck and you don't just take it and like it.

Keep that in mind, and please, teach your children: When something is wrong, don't say anything. Just go away and stop caring so much.

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