If you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.


Boxing is full of self promoters and who can blame them. After all, they are both entertainers and prizefighters. So the bigger the audience, the bigger the purse.

And no fighter with the ability to do so should forsake his own ability to put asses into seats.


David Haye is a master. He took four forgettable fights as a heavyweight fighter and parlayed it into a masterful promotion. I don't know how bog it was but without his mouth it would certainly have been a helluva a lot smaller.


But this is boxing at the highest level. Not fronting. And when a man talks shit he way David Haye can and does, he better deliver. Sadly for us, he didn't. To be blunt, he flopped. Instead of laying everything on the line, he stuck one toe in the door. I couldn't figure out what he planned to say after such a dismal performance but Haye didn't disappoint. He had his alibi ready.  In fact, he pointed right to it. His toe.     


Muhammed Ali, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, and Mike Tyson let it be known they were coming to take feast on your heart and then remove you from your body. Ali more than the others often went to extremes in disparaging his opposition. Duran just insulted them. Tyson threatened them and occasionally even suggested he might enjoy dining on their heart. Hagler just glared.


Edition Miranda and Ricardo Mayorga always talked shit but always left the ring victorious or on their shields. They may not be smart men but they are real fighters.


David Haye, in my mind, committed two cardinal sins in boxing in one fight. He tales the talk.......but failed to walk the walk.


Can you remember others that failed as publicly as Haye after blowing hot air before their fight?

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