Saturday Global Boxing Results: Klitschko Cruises, Barros Tops Caballero

We saw a lot of this yesterday, but never from a punch. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Hamburg, Germany

  • Wladimir Klitschko UD-12 David Haye: It lived up to being tense, but it couldn't live up to the hype of being any kind of great fight. I had two expectations going in: Someone was going to get knocked out, but without a ton of action; or nobody would get knocked out and we'd still have little action. Unfortunately we got the latter. Haye, in my opinion, actually fought quite well defensively. But offensively he just didn't do near enough. Klitschko was no beauty himself, and had his jab negated quite well by Haye. In all honesty, I think there were some interesting bits about this fight, but in the end they amounted to nothing memorable. Haye's post-fight attempts to garner sympathy are not being bought by fans, it appears. He talked way, way too much smack for three years for a broken pinky toe to be enough for most people to accept that the end result was your typical Wladimir Klitschko fight when you take away the pageantry and atmosphere.
  • Ola Afolabi KO-1 Terry Dunstan: Overall a ho-hum matchup for Afolabi, who got the Klitschko Supporting Slot role for this show. I prefer Afolabi to Alexander Ustinov, I know that much. But the knockout was something to behold -- a beautiful right hand that sent Dunstan's gum shield flying like some kind of video game knockout. It's a contender for KO of the Year.
  • Ashley Sexton D-8 Mike Robinson: This was a rematch of a tight Sexton win over the unheralded Robinson (4-2-3, 0 KO), which Sexton didn't have to take but did. Sexton (11-0-2, 5 KO) is probably never going to be a world stage fighter, but I expect him to have a long, lively domestic career in the UK. I do like him -- he's fun to watch fight. I just believe that's as far as it's going to go with him. It's easy to say that Robinson is better than his record, but it might be more accurate to say that Sexton isn't as good as his.
  • Gabor Veto TKO-8 James Kimori, Tony Harrison KO-1 Uwe Tritschler, Ryan Aston PTS-4 Zahari Mutafchiev

Junin, Argentina

  • Jonathan Victor Barros SD-12 Celestino Caballero: That makes two straight losses for Caballero, but apparently this was either a robbery or damn close to it. I have not seen the fight yet, but the reactions I've seen from most are that neither looked very good, but Caballero was jobbed on the road, which was actually what I figured was going to happen. Barros (33-1-1, 18 KO) and Caballero (34-4, 23 KO) are both factors at 126, but are pretty much out of the running for top spots in the division unless there's an exodus of the top guy to 130 or elsewhere. Barros was down in rounds one and eight, and won on scores of 116-110, 114-112 and 111-115.

After the jump: Hernan Marquez, Edgar Sosa, and more.

Hermosillo, Mexico

  • Hernan "Tyson" Marquez KO-3 Edrin Dapudong: Dapudong isn't a bad fighter, and not long ago was considered a real contender at 112 before a loss to Wilbert Uicab, so while this isn't an amazing win for Marquez, it does prove that the war win over Luis Concepcion was not a fluke. Marquez (31-2, 24 KO) is a hardcore fan favorite in the making.

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

  • Edgar Sosa KO-1 Julio Paz: Nothing to see here, as the mismatch was what it was. Paz (12-2, 4 KO) shouldn't have been in the ring with Sosa (43-6, 26 KO). The only good thing here is that hopefully we'll get Pongsaklek Wonjongkam vs Edgar Sosa next.
  • Simpiwe Vetyeka UD-12 Giovanni Caro: It's never easy to hit the road and get a duke, but that's what Vetyeka of South Africa did. It shouldn't be considered an upset or anything -- Caro (22-9-4, 17 KO) had been on a nice run, but Vetyeka (23-1, 13 KO) is a pretty good fighter flying well under the radar. Back in 2007 he gave Hozumi Hasegawa a strong test in Japan, and that was his only loss.
  • Christian Esquivel TKO-3 Jovanny Soto: Esquivel is now 23-2, 17 KO.

Tokyo, Japan

  • Ryuji Migaki KO-10 Shoji Kawase: Migaki (17-2, 13 KO) retains the OPBF lightweight title.
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