How the Klitschkos Saved Boxing

 or: why the heavyweight - division could start healing now.

(Disclaimer: people easily offended by clumsy and error-prone language please stop reading now. I gave it my best, but it's certainly low standard still.)

By beating David Haye in a clear-enough decision, Wladimir Klitschko finally fulfilled the long standing wish of the family: to unite all the belts that contain some publicly acknowledged value under the Klitschko-dynasty. Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are the undisputed heavyweight champions of the world, now emphasized by being accepted champions of those organizations with some authority: WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO.

This happens at a time when for many years the it's a common position to state that the "heavyweight division is dead", which ususally refers to rarely an exciting fight being made up on higher level. Fights involving the brothers have a tendency to being one-sided and therefore boring, as rarely someone is willing and able to actually force them into a fight. At the same time, fights between contenders have been avoided as much as possible by most of them, though there were repeated attempts to e.g. start tournaments in order to define the next challenger by eliminator. The usual result was a big let-down by those which actually could have made those tournaments watchable.

Many expectations were put on the clash of Haye and W. Klitschko, and many put all their hope in Haye to pull the upset, as they considered this the only possible way to have the division shaken up, get some action into it and thus bring it back to life.

Now I tell you why the loss of Haye is actually the outcome with a much higher potential for healing the heavyweight:

As there is only one champion left in the division (the brothers stand as one), it will actually be much more difficult to earn a shot at the title. With their status as "super champion" etc., the Ks have a much better position to avoid obligatory challengers and choose their opponents for other reasons. So why is this a good thing? It is a good thing for the reason that the status of an obligatory challenger was reached on very defensive tracks during the last years. The top-guys of the division tried to sneak up their way in the rankings somehow, carefully avoiding each other and kind of helding hostage a strong position on the list. But now, this approach has lost a lot of attractiveness. In order to earn a shot at a Klitschko, you will need to be outstanding. You will need to be able to offer something. And to gain this, you will need quality wins over quality competition.

So though there is little hope that we will actually have close and interesting championship-fights in the near future, there is a lot of hope that there will be a number of exciting and tough match-ups in the second row. And this would be a lot more than the division had to offer for quite some time now.

The heavyweight-division is dead. Long live the heavyweight-division!

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