Fun, Forgotten (?) Fights: Rosario-Ramirez II

Hello all. I'm something of a latecomer in life to a love of the fight game, only coming around to boxing through the dozen or so '80s fights ESPN replayed late at night in my high school days, and usually following without the benefit of premium cable since. 

That means there's lots and lots of awesome fights out there I've never seen. 

I've resolved to take a ride through boxing history, relying on the Internet to direct me from one gem to another. If you'd like to come along, the more the merrier and all that.

First up, the 1984 Ring Fight of the Year.

Jose Luis Ramirez was pretty good at boxing, it seems. Ramirez finished his career 102-9 with 82 KO.

Never heard of him until I was cruising for Pernell Whitaker clips a few weeks ago, in the run up to Judah-Khan, and found this display of Sweet Pea mastery over Ramirez in their 1989 rematch. Curious whether this was a real fighter that Whitaker dismantled, I kept searching, which led me to Ramirez's fights against Puerto Rican Edwin Rosario. 

Their first fight was a close decision in favor of Rosario, or so Wikipedia says. Haven't got around to watching it yet. The second one won fight of the year, for good reason.

Edwin Rosario vs Jose Luis Ramirez (via mag6333)

(0:55): I don't think Marv Albert's doing anything, with the NBA lockout and all. I wouldn't mind him calling some fights.

(1:55): Fight on. The boxing gloves touching graphic seems pretty advanced for 1984.

(2:10): As the Fight Doctor will make clear, that is the definition of flash knockdown.

Is there anyone fighting today still rocking the high tube socks?

Rosario's hooks since the knockdown look nasty, but they don't seem to be as effective as his straight left-right.

(4:30): Big right from Rosario. He backs up Ramirez for the 20 seconds until the bell.

Clear 10-8 round for Rosario.

(5:20): Round 2.

(6:07): Ramirez still can't stop the right, and Rosario has him on the ropes, backing him up, 7, 8, 9, 10 punches in a row and Ramirez is down again, a minute into the second round. 

(7:19): Rosario is pumping the left-right and Ramirez still can't do a thing about it.

(7:35): Ramirez gets through a few shots inside to close out the round, but as soon as Rosario gets out the straight right keeps finding his face.

Another 10-8 round for Rosario.


Edwin Rosario vs Jose Luis Ramirez (via mag6333)

(0:28): Round 3.

The fighting's more inside now. Ramirez is backing up against the ropes and Rosario's chasing-he doesn't have enough room to get off his right. Ramirez is getting plenty of elbows in there.

(1:20): Rosario looks a little gassed. He's sticking his chin out, and Ramirez gets him square. Now it's Rosario backing up in the corner, Ramirez chasing him down.

(2:30): Now Ramirez's right jab is getting through, stinging Rosario's chin. Ramirez is getting the better of tied-up exchanges.

Rosario's not coming forward anymore-he looks like the guy who's been down twice. Ramirez pushes him to the bell. 

10-9 Ramirez, 29-26 Rosario through three.


(3:26): Round 4.

Rosario's still going backwards to start the round. He's throwing a tentative jab here and there, but Ramirez is backing him up.

(4:40): Ramirez doing good work to the body. Whether Ramirez is taking away the right or Rosario's jus ttoo tired to throw, the Puerto Rican's not using his most effective weapon. 

(5:07): Rosario's stumbling as Ramirez gets through a hook, then an uppercut.

Referee breaks and they take it to the middle. Rosario's staying inside but doing nothing. Ramirez is throwing. Hook, uppercut, jab jab straight to the body. Rosario backs up, and Ramirez gets through another jab and hook. Rosario backing up, Ramirez stuns him with a nasty right hook and POURS IT ON.

The referee stops it as Rosario turns around and grabs for the post. He's still standing, but he ain't awake.

A TKO Rd-4 for Ramirez, and a win that made him lightweight champion of the world. Once he got inside on Rosario, there was nothing doing for the young Puerto Rican, who was making his third defense of his first title.

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