Who would win between Nonito Donaire and Juan Manuel Marquez?

Many boxing enthusiasts believe Juan Manuel Marquez is a Hall of Famer who is headed to a one sided loss against his arch rival Manny Pacquiao on November 12th. To illustrate the potential discrepancy in advantages I ask the imperfect question: If they fought instead, who would win between Juan Manuel Marquez and Nonito Donaire?

If Juan Manuel Marquez is perhaps the best lightweight, who earned most of his titles at Featherweight. And, Nonito Donaire is a fighter  who is currently the best Bantamweight on his way towards becoming a natural lightweight. This fight would seem fair.

However, some variables include Marquez wear and tear versus Donaire's youth and speed. And, conversely, Donaire's relative lack of experience versus Marquez's acclimation to larger weight.

Theoretically, if you discount, Marquez's current attempt to gain weight. He could fight at a lightweight limit of 125-132 pounds where he is comfortable causing Donaire to climb from his 118 Bantam Weight by seven pounds. (If he chose not to gain weight, Donaire could face a deficit of something like 14-16 lbs. depending on how much weight they gain after official measurements.

Compare this to the upcoming Marquez fight in which a 135 pounder will be potentially fighting an acclimated welterweight in Pacquiao who will outweigh him by as much as ten pounds naturally without considering his recent efforts to "catch up." 

Its a silly question, perhaps, but one that is meant in good fun.  In both the case of Pacquiao and Donaire, I believe natural athleticism and raw power would favor Marquez's opponents.

Are these weight differences comparable?

Would Marquez easily dispatch Donaire, as easily as many believe Pacquiao will dispatch Marquez?

Is a Bantam Weight fighting a Lightweight substantially different than a Lightweight fighting a Junior Welterweight?

For the sake of argument I personally think Donaire could beat Marquez.



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