Russell Mora, and What to Do About Him (+ amazing video link)








Well, we all watched appalled again as another good fight got ruined by bad _______________(judging, refereeing, name your poison).  But after the judge suspension regarding Lara-Williams, it seems like writing, backed up as here by huge media screams throughout the boxing landscape, actually can make a difference.  Here are the relevant addresses for the Russell Mora mess re Agbeko/Mares. There’s plenty of buzz about it all over the net, with most making appropriate noises, which is good. Rafael made the point last night that NSAC would never embarrass Mora publicly but that we could rest assured that last night would likely be the last time we’ll see him referee a big event. But that’s not good enough--it’s not cool for club fighters to be at Mora’s mercy either. And he needs to be publicly embarrassed, although Jim Gray did a pretty good job holding his feet to the fire in that remarkableinterview.  Maybe making it clear that Nevada will be more embarrassed than Mora already is if the commission doesn’t suspend him would help.  There was, after all, a Nevada commissioner or commission rep present at the event, who presumably

could have done something (maybe just whisper in Mora's ear), and clearly didn't.  It's in any case as much Nevada's issue as Mora's.

Regarding a rematch, it would be up to the sanctioning body, the IBF. The IBF has nothing to do with choosing referees or with suspending them, but only the sanctioning body can order a rematch. Remember that the IBF is not to blame for this, as they didn’t appoint Mora. The only thing to blame them for would be failure to order a rematch under the circumstances. Because Public Relations doesn’t seem like the only department to mention this to, I will be cc-ing hard copies to IBF President Daryl J. Peoples and to Championships Chairman Lindsey E. Tucker (it was a championship bout).  The other sanctioning body is Sulaimon, so there's probably no point, and there's no real contact listed.  At least the with the IBF there's a chance, and a rematch is a rematch.


The menu to the upper left has a popup email letter-form. Just go there and start writing.



Jeanette Salazar, Public Relations Director

International Boxing Federation

899 Mountain Ave., Suite 2C
Springfield, NJ 07081
Phone: 973-564-8046
Fax: 973-564-8751
Main Contacts:
Daryl J. Peoples, President
Lindsey E. Tucker, Championships Chairman


I’ll post my own letters in the comments section as soon as I write them, but I wanted to get the addresses up first.

Mohammedini Hussein provided this perfectly amazing video next day in the fight thread itself.  With many thanks to him, here it is.  A video is worth a million words.  I'd like to see this sucker go viral.

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