Tyson Fury vs Nicolai Firtha: Photos and Quotes From the Weigh-In

One of the "other" Saturday fights this week features British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in a non-title fight against American club fighter Nicolai Firtha, live on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom tomorrow afternoon at 3:45 p.m. EDT. The fight will also air in the United States on Fight Now TV, which maybe a handful of you have at this point.

Today, the two weighed in. Fury (15-0, 10 KO) came in at 253 pounds, down a couple more from his weight against Dereck Chisora in July. Firtha (20-8-1, 8 KO) weighed in at 247¾.

Tyson Fury

"I know that I am the most exciting heavyweight in the world and in the King's Hall against Nicolai Firtha I'm going to send out a message to the world, a real statement with a performance that will have the world of boxing talking about me.

"It's so special for me boxing in Belfast and at the King's Hall where so many greats have boxed. I feel this is my homecoming fight because I never got to box for Ireland at the Olympics even though I did box for Ireland against Poland and America and now I have the chance to show all my fans what it means to me to be fighting in Belfast.

"I'm the British and Commonwealth champion and right now I believe I could beat Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko but I just leave it up to my promoter Mick Hennessy when those fights will happen. But one thing is sure, I am going to the top and I'll show everyone why, when I get in the ring with Firtha."

Scott's Take: This last quote is unfortunate, considering all of three days ago, Fury said, "I'm not ready. I'm a novice. Klitschko would knock me out." Boxing fans seemed to appreciate his honesty that time. I doubt anyone appreciates this fake turnaround less than a week later.

Mick Hennessy (Promoter)

"Tyson is on his way to becoming a global superstar, he's the most exciting fighter in world boxing and the Belfast people have clearly taken him to their hearts this week.

"The response has been incredible, wherever he has gone, and now we expect Tyson to give another exciting performance in the ring. The eyes of the World are now on him."



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