Floyd Mayweather Jr Returns to Bad Left Hook Weekly Boxing Rankings

Floyd Mayweather Jr fights back tears as he realizes on Saturday night that he'll be ranked again by Bad Left Hook this week. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Just one really big change this week in the boxing rankings, and that's in the welterweight division. We'll start there.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr (42-0, 26 KO) is back, of course. He lost his spot at the start of May after his year of inactivity, but now returns to the spot he held before: No. 2 in the division, right behind Manny Pacquiao.

Now, I don't much have any issue with whether or not you have those two flipped. A common question might be, "Well, Mayweather just beat Victor Ortiz, who was No. 2 in the division, and Manny Pacquiao is facing a lightweight next time out. Shouldn't Mayweather be considered the best welterweight?"

But here's the way I see it: Pacquiao and Mayweather (or Mayweather and Pacquiao) are so far ahead of the rest of the lot that it's not even an issue, really. Ortiz had about as much legit change against Floyd as Marquez has against Pacquiao, except I guess Ortiz had a chance to knock Floyd out, sort of. You could have argued that when Pacquiao fought Shane Mosley earlier this year, that was also a 1-2 matchup at the time, with Floyd inactive and Victor Ortiz just a few weeks into his stint in the division. But no one gave Mosley a hope against Pacquiao, either.

Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KO) drops to No. 3. I couldn't see him going any lower. Andre Berto is still right behind him, followed by Jan Zaveck.

Losing his spot with Mayweather's return is Randall Bailey, which is fine. Alfonso Gomez stays in at No. 10, dropping juts one spot despite his loss to Canelo Alvarez on Saturday. For one thing, that fight was at 154, with Gomez stepping up for the chance, and for another thing, he was more competitive than expected and had a nice performance.

Junior Welterweight and Junior Middleweight

They both won, but Erik Morales (No. 8 junior welterweight) and Saul Alvarez (No. 6 junior middleweight) don't move.

Ranked Fighters in Action This Week

Heavyweight (09/24)
No. 10 Alexander Dimitrenko (31-1, 21 KO) vs Michael Sprott (36-16, 17 KO)

Middleweight (09/25)
No. 3 Dmitry Pirog (18-0, 14 KO) vs Gennady Martirosyan (22-2, 11 KO)

Junior Welterweight (09/23)
No. 3 Marcos Maidana (30-2, 27 KO) vs Petr Petrov (29-2-2, 13 KO)

Lightweight (09/23)
No. 9 Vicente Escobedo (23-3, 14 KO) vs Rocky Juarez (28-8-1, 20 KO)

Super Bantamweight (09/24)
No. 5 Jorge Arce (57-6-2, 44 KO) vs Simphiwe Nongqayi (16-1-1, 6 KO) (Rematch)

Super Flyweight (09/24)
No. 4 Raul Martinez (28-1, 16 KO) vs Rodrigo Guerrero (15-3-1, 10 KO) (Rematch)

Super Flyweight (09/24)
Daiki Kameda (21-2, 13 KO, No. 5 Flyweight) vs Raul Hidalgo (13-3, 10 KO)

Junior Flyweight (09/24)
No. 4 Adrian Hernandez (21-1-1, 13 KO) vs Gideon Buthelezi (12-2, 4 KO)

Strawweight (09/24)
No. 10 Michael Landero (15-4-4, 5 KO) vs Hekkie Budler (18-1, 6 KO)

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