Mayweather vs Ortiz: No Appeal on Knockout, Team Ortiz Gives Floyd 30 Days for Rematch Decision

Victor Ortiz and Rolando Arellano aren't going to waste time if Floyd Mayweather Jr doesn't commit to a rematch. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Studio 54)

Lance Pugmire, the terrific boxing reporter for the Los Angeles Times, had some notes and quotes yesterday from Victor Ortiz's manager Rolando Arellano on his Twitter account. Here are the highlights:

  • Team Ortiz has reviewed the fight and will not be appealing the knockout. Many assumed instantly after the fight that an appeal was sure to come, but that died down pretty quickly. Now it's official: No appeal.
  • Arellano, like many (if not most), feels that what Mayweather did was unsportsmanlike, but said he felt Ortiz was "too nice" following the headbutt.
  • If the pay-per-view numbers are good, Arellano expects interest from Mayweather in a rematch.
  • If Mayweather wants the rematch, he has 30 days to "express interest," or Team Ortiz will look instead to secure another rematch with Andre Berto, who now holds the IBF welterweight title. This is about what I expected when we talked about Ortiz's next fight options.

It might sound a little crazy for Team Ortiz to think they're in any position to push Floyd into making a decision, but I actually like the stance. Floyd will happily sit out 16-to-21 months between fights. He's proven that. And Ortiz and his team don't want to sit around waiting for Mayweather.

Victor's 24 years old and to go back to talking about capitalizing on buzz, outside of the fact that some people might think he's an idiot more than they did on Saturday, Ortiz lost nothing in this fight, and is more famous than ever. Add in the fact that the first fight with Berto was a great one and itself received huge buzz, and it's a no-brainer to be ready, willing, and able to jump onto a Berto rematch if Floyd is going to sit around a while and not commit to anything.

Now, if Mayweather commits to fighting on Cinco De Mayo 2012, then I'm sure Ortiz would want to be the opponent, and that he and his team would be willing to wait the eight months. It's more money (particularly if the PPV sold well this time), and it's just a bigger fight in every way than a Berto rematch.

In its own ass backward, bizarre way, this is kind of a no-lose situation for Victor Ortiz right now. Either he gets a rematch with Mayweather, or he probably gets a rematch with Berto for another title belt in a fight people would want to see. Go figure. Victor Ortiz, yet again, somehow, comes out almost unscathed.

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