Conte claims Mayweather does NOT do Olympic Style Testing

Well, love him or hate him, the Michael Milken of professional sports, Victor Conte of BALCO infamy, claims that the testing done by Floyd Mayweather for himself and his opponents is NOT Olympic Style.

Now last I checked, Conte is a a convicted felon but hey, this is America, land of many chances. Myself, I have personally recommended on threads such as these that fighters steer clear of Conte; not because I think he will try to help them cheat but because of the perception that he might. And perception is almost a meaningful as reality.

But the one thing I know about Conte is that like Michael Milken of Wall Street infamy, the man knows his shit. And he can smell it. 

Today he announced that the testing protocol that Floyd Mayweather so proudly triumphs and demands for all of his fights (coincidently since Pacquiao's emegence), for himseld and for his opponents, is NOT after all Oylmpic style testing after all.

Well, who'da thunk it?

Floyd begins his 'random' testing once the training period for his fights officially begins. So far, so good. The problem however is that Conte say that allows any fighter to benifit from potential drug use...before and after...the fight, when the bulk of their conditioning and training takes place. As in all year round. In other words, it is entirely possible to use PEDS for mnths between fights and then only submit to testing during the few that you are training for the fight in question.

Well, that says Mr. not Olympic style testing . Olympic style testing is indeed random...but it is all years round.

Now this may dismay some and surprise others but for me it confirms one thing. Mayweather was never serious about cleaning up anything...except wallets. And his vocal attempts to accuse and use this issue is nothing more than ruse to do what 'retirement' hasn't fully allowed him. To avoid fighting the man he deems most trhreatening to his most prescious possession. His Zero.

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