Brook vs Hatton: Full Press Conference Video and Quotes

Here's the press conference from yesterday, which announced the March 17 fight between Kell Brook and Matthew Hatton in Sheffield.

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Boxing

"This is exactly the type of fight that we want to start making in this country. A fight that captures the public imagination, and I'm so pleased that we've delivered it to Kell Brook.

"We signed Kell Brook, his first fight with us was in June, this is going to be his fourth fight in nine months. He's coming along at, in our opinion, a perfect rate, with the perfect fights. I remember about six months ago, I called Ray (Hatton), and I said, 'Look, please, let us fight Matthew Hatton.' He said, 'No, listen, we like the fight, but it's just a little bit too early.' And I remember putting the phone down thinking, what does he know? And there's me, just starting in the boxing game, what does Ray Hatton know? And he was absolutely, 100% right."

"Two honest, great fighters, in our opinion probably the future of British boxing, against a man who's got a lot to prove, and has actually got a good argument to say he's done more in the game than Kell Brook already. The performance that he put in against Canelo Alvarez was unbelievable. I watched it last night. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch it. And that leads me to believe, what a tough night this is going to be for Kell Brook.

"I told Kell the other day, you better train harder, you better want this more than any fight you've ever had, because if you don't, you will come unstuck against Matthew Hatton. Because he's here to fight, and he's here to prove he's the No. 1 welterweight in the country. The No. 2 against the No. 1 in Britain. It's got all the makings of a classic, classic fight."

Matthew Hatton

"I always knew that I would fight Kell one day, so it's a fight that really excites me. I've got a lot of respect for Kell. He's a quality fighter. He's proved that. And a very talented one. I think physically and mentally, I'm coming towards my peak now. So this fight couldn't come at a better time for me.

"It's being billed as 'War of the Roses,' but in my opinion, this is two of the best welterweights in the world fighting. And the fact that it's got the added edge of the local guy for him, makes it even more exciting. Very rarely do you get these top domestic fights where undoubtedly the best two in division are fighting to prove who's No. 1. It's just a fight I'm really excited about. I go into this fight not confident of winning, (but) thinking I'm going to win, expecting I'm going to win."

"I firmly believe that I am the No. 1 welterweight around here. But talk is cheap. We'll have to see on the night."

Bob Shannon, Hatton's Trainer

"I know Kell pretty well. He's been down to the gym several times sparring. I always remember saying to him, I called him the X-Factor. ... He's definitely got that x-factor about him. He's very special. He's got a good way about him. He's got the looks. (Hatton: 'You saying I haven't?')"

"Kell is a great fighter, but how good is he? Has he been tested? Matthew Hatton will test him. We're coming to win."

"I think it's going to come down to one thing: Tactics. It's down to me as his trainer to live and breathe Kell Brook, to watch his videos day and night, see the faults and the strengths of Kell, and work on him."

Ray Hatton, Hatton Promotions

"It took probably six, eight months of Eddie giving me a ring, and I think his dad gave me a ring, and I said at the time that I felt it was coming too soon if it happened last year. One, through no fault of Kell's, he wasn't very active. I think everybody in the trade knew what a fabulous talent he was, or what he was going to be, but outside of Sheffield, because of his lack of action, the country as a whole didn't know about Kell Brook. But since he's been with Matchroom now, he's been very active, he's looked good, he's looked excited. I think Sky see a winner. So the time's right now."

"I think with this fight we'll find two or three things out. One, if Kell wins, it confirms what a lot of people think is a fabulous talent. If Matthew Hatton wins this fight, it proves that Kell is not quite there, or Matthew is a better fighter than people give him credit for. And if it is the sort of fight I think it's going to be, it's going to be an exciting fight. There's going to be a lot of emotion there, it's going to be a fabulous atmosphere, because it's a fight that everybody wants to see."

Kell Brook

"I want to prove in this fight, to separate who No. 1 and No. 2 is. Matthew has said he's No. 1, he's done more in boxing, so that's why I'm happy about this fight. I actually got a phone call over from Matthew over Christmas, a voicemail saying what he's going to do to me."

"He's a proven fighter. He went 12 rounds with Saul Alvarez. ... My fists are definitely going to be doing the talking on March 17."

"It's my turn to headline a bill in my hometown. I'm absolutely over the moon. I'm training very hard for this fight. I can't wait."

Dominic Ingle, Brook's Trainer

"You've got to give full credit to Bob who trains Matt. You can tell since he's come on the scene that Matt has improved 100%. And he's proved that. ... He's been European champion, he's boxed the best, he's not scared to take fights, he doesn't turn fights down."

"It is about tactics. Kell's going to have Plan A, and Bob will work out Plan A, B and C for Matthew, because that's what he'll need. Kell's just coming straight for a fight, like he normally does. He's only got one plan, that's to win and try to knock people out."

"Full credit to Matthew Hatton. You've got to give him credit for taking this fight, because a lot of people have turned that fight down. They're both in position for world title fights, but they both decided to put it on the line and fight each other."

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