Guillermo Rigondeaux Rips Donaire, Nonito Responds In Brief

Guillermo Rigondeaux has gone after Nonito Donaire in the media, responding to Donaire's statements dismissing him as a future opponent. (Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime)

Nonito Donaire isn't really having the best of days. While he should have all of his attention focused on his February 4 bout with Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, he's instead stuck in a developing war of words with Guillermo Rigondeaux, who has thrown his first live grenade into the mix.

This morning we talked about Donaire trying to reason his way out of fighting Rigondeaux by noting that he's boring and not a fighter that fight fans want to see. Later in the day, it got worse as Donaire kept trying to push the issue after reaction to his statements wasn't so great.

There's a growing little buzz here saying that Nonito Donaire doesn't want anything to do with Guillermo Rigondeaux, and it's hard to figure a way to get around that. He's basically saying he won't fight him, which as I mentioned before, basically makes people want to see the fight.

Here's what Rigondeaux said in response to Donaire's statements:

"If he doesn't want a Narvaez fight, I will agree to a 15-foot ring. This guy is not a real man, he's a traitor to Top Rank. Stop hiding behind your manager and your wife, I'm ready to fight in the summer. If Top Rank allows me to get a fight with this traitor, I will put him to sleep. After I get done with this traitor, he'll be shooting pictures permanently."

The last part is a dig at Donaire, who took a few dates as a ringside photographer during his 2011 beef with Top Rank, after he tried to escape his contract and sign with Golden Boy Promotions. Ultimately, an arbitrator ruled that his contract was still valid, and eventually he kissed and made up with Top Rank, signing a new deal.

It's a nice little bait from Rigondeaux, attacking a vulnerable spot for Donaire. The entire situation put Donaire in a pretty harsh light and earned him no points with much of anybody.

Donaire briefly responded via his official Facebook page:

Surprised that a 2x Olympian and newly crowned champ resorts to elementary school trash talking. We are in boxing not WWE #FIGHTWITHYOURFISTSNOTYOURMOUTH

Unfortunately for Donaire, Rigondeaux is attempting to fight with his fists, and his response is, "I don't want to because it's boring." If this were Around the Horn, Donaire would have just lost four points.

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