Ortiz vs Berto 2: Victor Ortiz On Steroids Allegations (Video)

Thanks to: Fight Hub TV

Ortiz: "You know they told me about fighting Berto and I was all aboard, 100%. No complaints, no excuses, no nothin'. I will stand for no less than a victory. That's for sure. And I'm prepared, 110%. Which I'm sure he will, too. So let's do this. Let's get the show on the road. On Showtime!"

Compare this to an interview with Johnny Tapia for Showtime Sports:

Tapia: "Why are you giving him a rematch?"

Ortiz: "I'm giving him a rematch only because he's my last resort. That and the fact that even after I really thought about it, after that fight that night I beat him, I wasn't happy in the locker room. I could've done better. So you know, at the end of the day (2), it's one of those things (1) where, yeah, he's a good fighter, but in my eyes, I'm not done."

As always, just depends what day it is, what time of the day it is, who's asking the question, and the angle Victor chooses to pursue.

Rolando Arellano (Ortiz's Manager): "Basic human nature, right? Whenever you feel insecure and inadequate, the only way you raise yourself to feel secure and adequate is by putting someone else down, and I felt that's what was going on. He thought that we performed to such a high degree, that we had to be on steroids. We don't need to be on steroids. This game is tainted as it is, right? We're the new generation. We're trying to clean it, right? We're trying to clean it, make it something fresh, something where the general public wants to come back in. So to do that, you know what, we just know that he got beat really bad."

OK, so Arellano, who is sort of the Ortiz of managers (it's a great fit, and Rolando is incredibly entertaining when he goes into hype mode), addresses the steroids accusations by...sort of addressing them.

Then he says, at the end here, that to clean up boxing and to make it a sport where the general public is interested, they just know that Andre Berto got beat really bad.


Clearly, Arellano ran out of things to say, had no idea how to wrap up his spiel, and just went to, "Uh, and we won, punk, so suck on that!" Lotta "we" here, too. I don't remember anyone accusing Rolando of being on PEDs.

Ortiz: "I don't know. Um. Yeah. ... You know what, he wasn't in my weight class, so I never, uh, I saw him fight when he got disqualified in the Olympic trials, because I fought that same day, as well, but other than that I actually cannot sit here and tell you, like, oh, he was this and that, because he wasn't in my weight class. I paid no attention to any other brackets besides the 132s. I was a little guy. I mean, I still am. Well. Kinda."

Well then. Those are words. The last bit is a tick Ortiz has where he tries to be charming. He makes, like, a joke, sort of, and then he smiles his big, beautiful smile, and he moves on to something else. This is a habit Ortiz has, because like Arellano, he often runs himself off course and doesn't know what to say anymore, so he just pulls something out of thin air. It's awesome.

Fight Hub getting that much from Ortiz with no "at the end of the day" is remarkable.

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