Floyd Mayweather Jr Will Get His Boxing License, Don't Worry

Floyd Mayweather Jr will have to go have a meeting about his boxing license, but there's no chance Nevada will deny him. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Before anyone goes nuts over the story TMZ is running that questions whether or not Floyd Mayweather will receive his boxing license when he meets with the Nevada State Athletic Commission...well, look, let me just show you what I'm saying here:

Kizer tells us it's not uncommon for a fighter to begin the process just a few weeks before their first bout of the year. We're told Floyd has been flagged for a face-to-face ... if and when he applies.

"The commission looks at experience, integrity, character and skill to determine whether or not it's appropriate to issue a license," Kizer says.

And it ain't a slam dunk either -- the commission is known to REJECT applications ... most famously denying Mike Tyson in 2002 after he was involved in a brawl at a NYC news conference.

REJECT! ... if and when.

OK, here's the actual deal: There is not an already-melting snowball's chance in hell that the Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to deny Floyd Mayweather Jr a license.

Floyd Mayweather Jr is avoiding going to jail right now so that he can inject Las Vegas with some badly-needed money. That's, like, the whole reason he's getting to fight on May 5 and reporting to jail on June 1, instead of reporting yesterday as was originally ordered.

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He's going to fight May 5. Nevada and Kizer will make a cute little show about how he has to come in and explain himself ("LOL," as they say), but there's literally 0% chance that they're going to make some stand here and deny him a license. They're also not going to deny Victor Ortiz a license, but they're making him jump through a couple hoops, too. The NSAC really can't afford to be getting all moral right now. The Vegas economy is still drier than the desert itself and Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao bring trucks of cash to the strip during fight week.

But if it WERE a serious meeting with an unknown outcome, well, Floyd would fare pretty well on experience and skill, but integrity and character? Those aren't things you can buy. They're not Bentleys.

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