ShoBox Results: Jose Pedraza, Lamar Russ remain undefeated

Tom Casino/Showtime

Lamar Russ scored a first round TKO while it took Jose Pedraza eight rounds to score his stoppage win on the October 12 edition of ShoBox.

Tevin Farmer was game as a late replacement fighter in the ShoBox main event against undefeated Puerto Rican prospect Jose Pedraza. "Game" doesn't mean "able" though, as Pedraza spent the majority of the fight pushing Farmer to the ropes and unloading with combinations.

Farmer did his best work in round one, coming out with a purpose and outworking Pedraza. In round three it was Pedraza tagging Farmer with a hard left hand that almost put Tevin down followed by flurry after flurry until the round ended.

From that point forward, it was Farmer basically surviving, throwing a few punches and getting worked over by Pedraza until the eighth and final round when the referee stepped in to end the fight when Farmer was taking no more punishment than he had at any other point in the fight. Seemingly a stoppage for the sake of a stoppage.

Still, the fight's outcome was not in jeopardy at that point. Farmer was clearly down, having possibly only won a single round (and that point advantage was removed when he was deducted a point for holding) and he was not going to score a KO.

Pedraza advances to 11-0 with the win.

In the broadcast opener, bomber Jonathan Cepeda wasn't the one scoring the first round KO as he suffered his first career loss (now 12-1, 11 KO) to Lamar Russ.

Russ (11-0 ,7 KO) clipped Cepeda with a hard short left that badly stunned Cepeda. Jonathan wasn't able to recover and he didn't try to hold on leading to a jab, right hand combo that dropped him to the canvas.

While Cepeda was able to get to his feet, his legs weren't cooperating with him. The referee asked him to walk forward but Cepeda did a strange Frankenstein monster style walk the other direction before then stumbling forward to the referee who waived the fight off.

Jermain Taylor won a meaningless stay busy fight on the untelevised undercard.

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