Showtime Sports Programming.

I think we should maybe highlight some of items that are coming out of from the MMA world that will have an effect on boxing. As we all know Stephen Espinoza became the head about a year ago and just recently this tidbit came out.

Props to MMA Mania for insight

"'Inside MMA' has heard from multiple sources that the relationship between Strikeforce and Showtime may be coming to an end. We are being told that the November 3rd event is in serious jeopardy, and there's a strong possibility that Showtime will no longer broadcast Strikeforce events. This could very possibly signify the end of the Strikeforce brand. Strikeforce was purchased by Zuffa in March of 2011. We have to receive any word from either Showtime or Strikeforce as this development continues."

As well as Dan Rafael in his chat

Mike (Queens)

Just how much dud ShowTime raise their boxing budget once Espinoza ca,e not office? With the fights they are making, and the prices they are paying, it seems to rival HBO's budget now. Is that true?

Dan Rafael (1:07 PM)

My understanding is that in addition to getting more overall money it also re-arranged its own sports department budget, shifting some of the money it had for MMA, its NASCAR show and other sports stuff to give boxing a larger percentage. Right now, Showtime is spending like crazy on fights and if I add it up with the rough costs I believe the cards are costing, they are spending about the same or even maybe more than HBO is right now.

Boxing just got a legit kick in programming $$$, sad part for fight fans(or at least me) is that we might not be able to Ronda Rousey vs Cyborg because I can't see UFC picking up Women's MMA.

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