Carlos Abregu: 'Dulorme will not withstand my pressure'

Carlos Abregu of Argentina says that his experience and power will give him a big edge when he faces prospect Thomas Dulorme on October 27's HBO Boxing After Dark.

Interview conducted by Ricardo Rodriguez

How was the preparation for your fight with Dulorme?

Abregu: Everything is going great. We're working at 100% and we'll ready for the fight, we will win and we are grateful for the opportunity HBO and Gary Shaw have provided. Our goal is to become world champion once and for all and have come prepared to win.

What do you know about Thomas Dulorme?

Abregu: He's a kid who comes prepared all the time. He's a rising prospect which I understand has not faced anyone like me who punches and is at my level. Dulorme has not shown anything to anyone and he will not withstand my pressure.

Have you seen any flaws in Thomas Dulorme that you will try to exploit?

Abregu: Yes, we saw some things through You Tube. He makes mistakes and we will expose them in the fight.

You've faced greater competition in your career. Do you think he's at the level of Timothy Bradley?

Abregu: He definitely has talent but, I do not think he's at Bradley's level yet. In the Bradley bout, my right hand was hurt and I could not fight my fight. It's good now, I'm healthy and I'll be ready for this great opportunity. I worked hard in the gym and I'm sure that he will not endure the pressure of my attack. I can't wait for October 27th as I will have the revenge that I wanted on HBO, and let the world see my talent.

Did you ever stop training after your September 7th fight in Argentina?

Abregu: I never stopped training and I continued training for this fight.

Do you have a message for Dulorme?

Abregu: It's my understanding (the reason that) HBO hired us is because we are excellent fighters and more importantly, we give the fans what they want to see, and that's action. What I ask is that Dulorme not run in this fight. If he stands and fights me, we can give the world the spectacle it deserves.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Abregu: To all my fans I hope you will continue to support me and rest assured, I will give you the same warrior spirit and effort that I always do.

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