Have no fear, boxing fans, WealthTV is here!

Scott Heavey - Getty Images

WealthTV follows in the footsteps of EpiX by going where no other American boxing network is willing to broadcast and takes it to the next level.

Last weekend WealthTV treated American boxing fans to an excellent Canadian card on Friday featuring Adonis Stevenson-Don George and two different cards from the UK on Saturday featuring David Price-Audley Harrison and James DeGale-Hadillah Mohoumadi. At least one undercard was shown for each of those features. WealthTV, like Epix, still isn't picked up by major cable companies such as Comcast but can also be viewed over the internet. Furthermore, the online stream is actually reliable (unlike Epix).

To be clear my opinion of the streaming abilities of Epix and WealthTV are purely based on my own personal experiences (don't sue me).

Nonetheless, WealthTV is doing boxing a service and will continue to do so regardless of weight class (or at least until they discover that it isn't always profitable to air good matchups). While Epix has been rather reliant on heavyweights to headline their cards (where they usually only show said heavyweight main event), WealthTV has more often featured other weight classes (although heavyweight is still the most popular individual division). A list of this year's previous WealthTV "Fight Night" cards can be found on their website. Besides what's already been mentioned WealthTV has most notably aired Anthony Mundine-Bronco McKart and Tomasz Adamek-Travis Walker. Perhaps Mundine-McKart isn't actually notable, but "The Man" told me it was...

Anyways, at merely a $1 a month online subscription fee, how can any boxing fan (with quality internet service) not pay for it? Last month WealthTV gave us the Adamek-Walker triple header (Steve Cunningham & Bryant Jennings were on the undercard in separate bouts). Next month we get Brian Viloria-Tyson Marquez!


Viloria-Marquez is great on several levels. For one, it matches the two top rated flyweights the world (although Moruti Mthalane might have something to say about that). For another, Viloria and Marquez are action fighters that could easily produce a war. And finally, they're flyweights! Marquee boxing networks such as HBO and Showtime passed on airing this great matchup simply because they discriminate against mostly everything below bantamweight ever since Nonito Donaire outgrew super flyweight.

This year alone the flyweight division has given us some of the best fights of the year in Moruti Mthalane-Ricardo Nunez & Sonny Boy Jaro-Toshiyuki Igarashi along with the definite upset of the year (so far) in Pongsaklek Wonjongkam-Sonny Boy Jaro. In general the flyweight division has consistently matched the best against the best and I would have to rate it as one of the most talented and exciting divisions in all of boxing. And I say all that just based on men's boxing. It's the same story in women's boxing. So it's very good for boxing that WealthTV hopped on the flyweight bandwagon (men's at least). Now we just have to figure out how to get casual boxing fans to watch the little guys and convince WealthTV not to hop off...

Ryan Bivins can be contacted thru email at rgbivins@gmail.com and on twitter via @sweetboxing

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